16th Amendment: IRS has no legal authority to tax your wages or salary


Since income taxes were begun “to help the poor,” income tax has done more to create the poor than any other legislation. Isn’t it in the least way immoral that you have to pay taxes to the same government that has to provide you with entitlements because you are poor? So, you give the government $1000, which is more than you can afford. The government gives you back $300 so you can eat. What happens to the other $700? Does it go to other poor people? About $200 does, maybe, if we’re lucky. So, half of the money, instead of helping you or someone else, just disappears into the ether of bureaucracy. See all them pretty buildings you can enter to beg from the state? You bought those, along with the nice clothes they wear, the nice cars they drive, the nice pensions and the wonderful vacations that they enjoy. Maybe it’s time to think about repealing some amendments. What’s the easier way to putting your money back in your pocket–amending the tax code (which would mean reading it first) or removing it? For starters, think of all the money we’d save just in printing costs?

Originally posted on GulfDogs:

The current tax code is now four million words long, more than four times longer than the collected works of Shakespeare, and six to seven times longer than the Bible. It requires 25 volumes to contain it, and takes up nine feet of shelf space.

According to Forbes, it takes Americans over six billion hours to comply with its filing requirements. That’s the equivalent of 8,758 lifetimes. In people years, not dog years.

This monstrosity is based entirely on the 16th Amendment, which authorizes Congress “to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived.”

Now the 16th Amendment had to be ratified by the American people. How in the world did the framers of this misbegotten gargantua convince the American people to do this to themselves?

Easy. They lied to us.

They told us “income” meant one thing when they convinced us to vote for it, then they…

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Egyptians demands Israel pay reparations for Biblical plagues


Legally, I would think that the Egyptians would have to sue God, since he was the one truly responsible for the plagues. On the other hand, don’t most liability cases throw out “acts of God”? If they want to stretch it to include Moses and Aaron, I think both of them had an LLC so that their liabilities none-transferable.

Originally posted on I AM is at the doors:

Plagues in ancient Egypt

Possibly disregarding that the Biblical ten plagues were brought down on the Egyptians roughly 3,500 years ago, a popular columnist in the North African nation is calling on his government to take the State of Israel to court for compensation, as reported by the Jerusalem-based news portal Israel Today on April 11, 2014.

Publishing his demands right before the Jewish High Holy Days of Passover (known to Jews as Pesach), popular and respected Cairo-based newspaperman Ahmad al-Gamal raised more than a few Hebrew eyebrows when he blamed “the Children of Israel” instead of Pharaoh for the various plagues that were of … well, Biblical proportions.

As cited in the Book of Exodus, for refusing to free the Hebrews from slavery, the Almighty visited the following plagues upon Egypt:

  • Drinking water turned into blood (דָם): Ex. 7:14–25
  • Multitude of frogs (צְּפַרְדֵּעַ): Ex. 7:25–8:11
  • Lice infestation (כִּנִּים): Ex. 8:16–19
  • Swarms of biting…

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Climategate Scientists Getting Rid Of The 1940′s Temperature Spike In The Arctic


Not to beat the dead horse of global warming hoax, but to let people know that greedy people stop at nothing when it comes to perpetuating the money train.

Originally posted on Real Science:

As of 2011, NASA showed a large spike in eastern Arctic temperatures around the year 1940

ScreenHunter_159 Apr. 13 05.51


During the previous year, climategate scientists discussed their desire to get rid of the 1940s spike

From: Tom Wigley <wigley@ucar.edu>
To: Phil Jones <p.jones@uea.ac.uk>
Subject: 1940s
Date: Sun, 27 Sep 2009 23:25:38 -0600
Cc: Ben Santer <santer1@llnl.gov>

It would be good to remove at least part of the 1940s blip, but we are still left with “why the blip”.


By 2013, they had done exactly what they wanted to – removed the 1930s-1940s blip

ScreenHunter_158 Apr. 13 05.51

They accomplished this by an impressive 2 degrees (3.6F) of data tampering, lowering 1940 temperatures and increasing present temperatures.

ScreenHunter_157 Apr. 13 05.50

So were the Climategate scientists justified in removing the 1940s Arctic spike? Scientists in 1940 reported 6C warming and rapidly disappearing ice. The warming was real, and modern climate scientists are trying to rewrite history.

 Polar Meltdown


ScreenHunter_107 Feb. 17 07.17

Papers Past — Auckland…

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Contemporary Christian Music Is Not About Praise and Worship, It’s About Secularizing God with Entertainment


As I have often pointed out, as in my post, The Rise and Fall of the Church Musician, the entire emphasis on “praise services” is a slippery slope. EVERY service should be a praise service, and every person in the pews should be a participant. Sure, have special music. But elevating a group of worshipers over the rest turns the rest into mere spectators. God is not after a good show, but rather the confession of broken and contrite hearts and the spontaneous gratitude for his mercy as reflected in congregational responses of praise. If you remember the music but cannot remember the scripture teaching for the day, then you have put the form of worship ahead of the function, which is to strengthen you to live a life of service. But service requires humility and hard work, much less glamorous and inviting than being entertained.

Originally posted on Lisa Richards: Rock N' Roll Politics:

I’m  going to offend many readers, especially Christians, with my criticism of contemporary Christian music in America’s churches, and I don’t care.

When it comes to God, I care more about worshiping God than being entertained, but secularizing God in order to cater to younger generations and basket-fillers, who might, heaven forbid, become bored by God, is far more preferable. And profitable.

If I want to be entertained by rock music, which I love and listen to, I’ll go to rock concerts or listen to my stereo. Church and worship is just for that: Glorifying God, not entertaining a church “audience.”

But the majority of  Contemporary Christian Music is about entertainment, not God.

Seriously people, “Christian Rap,” “Christian Hip-Hop,” and Christian Rock?” That’s the biggest oxymoron since the phrase “soft porn” was invented to legitimize the porn and sex trafficking industry.

I am not saying, and never would, that Christians…

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Honeymoon With E.U.’s Propaganda In Ukraine Is Over: E.U. To Stun Citizens With 40% Gas Price Hike!


Do not despise people for what they are, but for what they do. “By their fruits you shall know them.” I am trying to love America. I am trying to be a good citizen. But it becomes increasingly hard to know how to do this. Meanwhile, can a former KGB officer really be so stoutly anti-socialist?
I’m reading a book about Japan called The Longest Day. Everyone in Japan, at the end of WWII, wanted to save Japan from annihilation. Half of them thought that the way to do that was to sue for peace, end the war. Half thought that the only way they could do that was to keep fighting to the last man and hope they could outlast the American. Meanwhile, both sides hoped that Russia, who was secretly committed to declaring war against Japan, could somehow broker a truce and assure no “losers.” While everyone was running around trying to win the day, America’s ultimatum went unheeded. One bomb dropped, and Hiroshima was gone. More indecision ensued, another bomb dropped, and Nagasaki was gone. More indecision, Russia declared war, and Manchuria was gone, and whole army divisions in gulags. What is the end game of America? Tried one coup in Libya, with limited success. Tried another in Egypt, which backfired. Tried yet another in Syria, with carnage mounting and no win in sight for anyone. Tried another in Ukraine, with possibly the same bleak outcome. One foreign policy a-bomb after another, and still we march toward our own death. Are we going to put a stop to this nonsense soon. We, too, have an emperor whom the people revere as God. But, instead of suing for peace and saving our country, he leads of gleefully to annihilation.

Originally posted on Political Vel Craft:

Back in 2011, when as part of the Arab Spring one after another regime were toppled in North Africa following violent coups, not without substantial support by the US foreign service and the CIA, the local population was delighted – after all there is nothing quite like the specter of  Hope and Change  to lift one’s mood, and murder the reigning dictator.

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Chemotherapy Proven to Cause Long, Agonizing, Suffering Death


Actually, this study still misses the point. In one small phrase, the crux of the matter was stated: “The #1 side effect of Chemo is more cancer.” Chemo uses radioactive chemicals, which, in turn, cause cell mutations. Often, after chemo and “remission,” cancer seems to come back. More likely, the original cancer went away, but the chemo treatments caused new cancer.
Probiotics are a really, really good thing! But what is more likely than that probiotics helped the mice survive chemo and that the chemo killed the cancer is that the probiotics killed the cancer AND enabled them to survive the chemo.
It’s unfortunate that no one kills the dead elephant in the room. Chemo patients have a statistically insignificant survival rate of five years vs. those with cancer who had no treatments. Radiation may no be much different in its effects.

Originally posted on Sheeple: People unable to think for themselves:

New evidence confirms  that chemotherapy is one of the worst forms of cancer treatment there is, primarily because of the horrific chemicals involved, but also because it is simply an agonizing way to kill.

According to a newly published study in the British Medical Journal, more than half of end-stage cancer patients are given chemotherapy during the final few months of their life, and those who received such treatment were much more likely to die uncomfortably: in a hospital intensive care unit hooked to a ventilator, rather than at home as they wanted.

In addition, the study found, patients were not as likely to have discussed their end-of-life wishes with their oncologist, compared to other final-stage cancer patients who chose to discontinue their chemotherapy treatments.

The researchers went on to report that physicians tend to have a difficult time beginning conversations with their patients over such care, especially those…

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If you want something done right…

I have discovered, much to my dismay, that I am an odd egg.  An odd brown egg, no less.  I am no longer married to the idea of running to the local super market and just getting whatever they have that is somewhat close to what I want.  In fact, I often can’t even find what I want in local (more expensive) specialty stores.  Even on the internet, where one can find almost anything, I’ve been struggling to find what I need.  I blame it on the search engines, which, of course, are coopted by advertising, just like everything else.

Remember when cable TV had no ads?  Yes I’m that old!  I have a TV in my room.  It was supposed to be gone, but that fell through.  Now that my computer is down, I am drawn to the idiot box in the corner.  But the commercials have taken over!  And they are the closest thing to real entertainment on it.  How I miss my computer and its big monitor, and YouTube–DIY TV.  Hey, if you want something done right…

I like Asian TV.  Waiting for my OTG adapters to show up so that I can plug my megadrive into the tablet and watch some good, commercial-free Asian shows.  If you don’t know what OTG is, don’t feel bad.  Not a single computer store geek knows what they are either, as they are “not sold in stores.”  Thank God for the internet, although I’m sure God is pretty disgusted with the net overall.

Can I find any kind of porn I want on the net?  In an instant!  Any kind of gambling,  any kind of hawked wares,  ANY kind of convenience dangles itself at the forefront of any search engine.  But, can I find bulk, organic-based lemon cleaner?  Sure, if I live in Australia.  Live in America, you can buy it by the pint, in the convenient spray bottle that will cease to function when the product is half-used, for half of your weekly salary.  Well, I KNOW the stuff is available, because I used to buy it by the gallon right down the street.  Of course,  that was twenty years ago, and in California.  Seems the people of the fruit-deprived and pine-dense Midwest only know of pine-based cleaning products.  Maybe a little orange glow for the oven top (in the little bottle for half a week’s salary).

My search of the internet was very enlightening.  I now know where to get citrus degreaser to clean my car engine and to remove paint.  But, when it comes to household chores, no such luck.  But I did find a place where I can purchase five gallons of the active ingredient (for a WHOLE week’s salary).  Can’t be used for anything until combined with a bunch of other ingredients, about none of which I am yet an expert.  However, there is the internet, and I am stubborn.  The info is out there somewhere, and I WILL find it, oh yes, I will!   Bwaaahahahaha!  If you want something done right…

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