To support or not support Israel, that is the question.

I am not Jewish (by religion), nor would I have ever been remotely Zionist or wanted a State of Israel in Palestine.  That being said, it is foolish to wish the death of anyone or to boycott for almost any reason, since boycotts are akin to the little boy who says, “I’m taking my toys and going home!” whenever someone else hurts his sensibilities.  Israel is there now.  Let her stay if she can.  As for protecting her at all costs, I can’t condone that, not believing, as most wayward Christians, that the Kingdom of God cannot come if the State of Israel does not exist.  Let England and France, whose ill-conceived idea it was to draw the State of Israel and randomly divide ethnic and religious groups with arbitrary borders, now come to her rescue.  Or let her survive on her own.  Surely she will have enough support from elite Zionist money lords around the world to accomplish this without the USA pitching in.

Now, there is another issue in the Muslim world-view.  Any history shows that Muslims operate in a totalitarian mode, meaning they are a threat to all things non-Muslim.  For this reason, we have a common ground with the State of Israel to prevent the forceful advance of Islam.  However, Islam recognizes that, in order to kill Israel, all they have to do i erode the base of support Israel has in the Western democracies.  This it will do by turning us into Muslim countries first, leaving Israel on an island.  Already, I somewhat think, this is why France and England have lost their backbone.  Soon the USA will follow.  Certainly Obama has done whatever he can in that regard.

Certainly Israel is in a pickle with no easy way out.  As I see it, Israel has two avenues of recourse with some hope of success.  One would be to sell the land back to Turkey (or whoever else has legal claim as the one’s who sold it to them in the first place, because I recognize they bought it fair and square, no matter what Muslim propaganda says).  The other would be to screw the UN, annex the Palestinian land and throw out all the squatters.  And while you are at it, make an agreement with Syria and Jordan,  (and perhaps Russia if you could pull it off) to take out ISIS in exchange for redrawing new, larger, more easily defensible borders.  OK, I know one plan ends Israel and the other probably would turn the world even more against Israel.  But the looming threat of nuclear annihilation isn’t much of an alternative either.

In closing, let everyone beware of grandiose promises made by snake oil salesmen (like the Zionist movement).  “We Are the World” plays well in a fairy tale.  But, in the real world, with lots and lots of evil people who aren’t about to “live and let live”, not so much.  We have another fairy tale knocking on our gates, now, calling themselves “innocent refugees”.   Check their world-view.  Look at their 1400-year history.  When they and their liberal sympathizers attack and slander Israel, consider the source.  Lying to the infidel is how they make brownie points with Allah.  We will never be the World.  We will always be self-interested countries.  Only two things could change that–Zionism or Islam.   What the state of Israel represents at this time is Gog holding off Magog.  What Islamic “refugees” represent is Magog’s flanking maneuvers.


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