The Obama Test

I have noticed, over the years, that the title of a blog is more important to its viewership than anything in the meta file or the content.   Recently, I have blogged very little.  Yet, some titles continue to lead the way in views.  I am putting this blog in the search engine just to see how many hits it gets just because the title mentions Obama.

Now, to be sure, some people love our president and some people hate him.  But, as Donald Trump would say, there is no such thing as bad publicity.  And our present White House inhabitant is certainly capable of generating a lot of pub.

Some of you might be insulted that I wasted your time in this way.  But, it’s not a total waste of time, if it gets you to stop and think about something.  Most of what we click on and discuss on this terrible and wonderful internet is knee-jerk, visceral response to shock journalism.  I am myself guilty of wasting many a good day when I suddenly realize that I have followed the click trail well down the trail of paid click sites to the point of contemplating just how much some celebrities look like their dogs.  Meanwhile, somewhere else, something matters, like Planned Parenthood selling aborted fetus parts, or Obama (oo, I said the magic word again, yay!) quietly issuing an executive order (by the way, aren’t most of these unconstitutional?) that give the federal government eminent domain over you and you property.  Why didn’t we know this? Well, there are, unfortunately only so many hours in the browsing day, and we spent ours being led by the nose through a pile of ads.

I’m sure I could come up with more catchy titles that would bring people running.  Something like,  “When they opened the lid on the garbage can, they were shocked by what they saw!”  Then I could proceed to tell the story of some schlep who was always messing until he discovered how to keep the trash can spotless.  Then I could make some links to incredible cleaning products or to that new coating to which nothing can stick.  Maybe I can get a little click revenue, while I’m at it.  Of course, it takes some time and effort to set that up, and a little know-how.   I could probably find out if I weren’t so busy deciding which Olsen Twin is more anorexic.


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