Decadence, Part 2, Sex

Decadence, Part 2, Sex.

70% of the internet is porn.  That must mean that the other 30% is gambling.

The ultimate conclusion is that, unless sex is kept to the marriage bed and kept in private, everyone becomes lonelier, less fulfilled and less happy.  Free love becomes an act which is even beyond animal instinct to the point of being sociopathic.  Is it any wonder that we live in a society that treats people worse than animals.

I wish I could say that the video was shocking, but I have seen worse on European broadcast TV.  Even in “prudish” America we have flirted with full nudity for some time now, even as we have sought to give the least restrained of society their fifteen minutes of fame.

If God is really gracious to America, the great EMP will hit us, knock us all off the internet for a few months, so that we can all suddenly wake up and see reality again, and see that it ain’t so bad.  In fact, it’s quite a bit better than fantasy, once you go through detox


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