Trump is the Big White Bastard

OK, here’s the truth about Donald Trump. He is a selfish bastard. Does anyone stop for even one second and wonder why this megalobillionaire wants to be president? Is it ego? I don’t think so. I think it’s pure fear. Who of us stands to lose more than Donald Trump?

Twenty years ago, Donald was asked whether he’d ever run for president. His response was that he would never want to the job. The only way he’d consider it is if the country became so bad off financially that he felt he would have to try to save it.

Now, you can say that it’s narcissistic to believe that only you can save a country. But is there any one of us among America’s political armchair quarterbacks that, given a chance, would not consider taking the job?

Trump may not be a man you want in your family. You may not want to compete against him in business. But I don’t know too many people who work FOR him who haven’t caught his success bug.

I don’t think the Donald Trump can save this country. But I think he’s the best man to try at this moment. In the next six months to a year, the Fed is going to either raise interest rates so discourage more borrowing on the national debt, or it’s going to have to cause hyperinflation with more money printing. One will kill anyone with debt, which is most of us. The other will kill everyone, period. The only way to avoid either is for the government to slash $1.5 trillion from the annual budget TODAY. That means no immigration, no welfare, no foreign handouts, no foreign entanglements of any kind, and kicking out all the illegal aliens that are sucking up welfare and jobs. THEN, if the lazy American people decide to WORK, we might come out the other end of this quagmire IN A DECADE.

I don’t believe Trump can do it because he has 535 people in congress, most of who are working against him. And he has the lazy welfare mentality of half the people working against him. And he has the PC coddling bleeding hearts working against him.

What the next president faces is a challenge to this country at least as big as the one Lincoln faced. Lincoln, guess what, was a big bastard, too. He had no choice.



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5 responses to “Trump is the Big White Bastard

  1. NEO

    That is just about the most rational reason to vote for Trump I’ve read. Doesn’t quite get me there, but it comes close.

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