A seminary  graduate with a Master of Divinity,

PRB majored in English and foreign languages, particularly Biblical Hebrew and Greek, Latin, and German.  Later, he pursued degrees in education and music in California, until a new state surcharge law made education unaffordable.

Since 1992, PRB has worked in an art department, driven and dispatched taxis, worked with several bands and singing groups, written and published music, directed, done outside sales, become a landlord, and tuned and rebuilt pianos.

PRB now lives in central Wisconsin in a house under construction.  Never married, he spends his spare time reading, learning languages (Chinese, French, Russian, Romanian, Japanese, Korean) and bicycling.Hebrew-language version of the "Shield of...


6 responses to “About

  1. David

    You have an awesome blog! Philosophy at its finest, in my opinion. I’m assuming that interest came from getting a Masters in Divinity?

  2. jumeirajames


    I have nominated YOUR BLOG as Very Inspirational

    Please visit i-nation.me to receive your award.

    Jim McAllister

    • Thanks, I guess. Wish we had SOMETHING to agree on. Perhaps that writing is both an art and a lot of work. Been so busy starting the foundation while running my present company, haven’t written. Frankly, inspiration is quite lacking, since one should say nothing at all if it ain’t something good. I shall try to find some nominees int he near future.


  3. jumeirajames

    Oops – forgot to post the actual blog link for the Inspirational Blog Award


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