Haters gone hate, bloggers gone blog, preachers gone preach.

I met up with my friend the other day who wanted to know why I haven’t been writing.  He loves my writing.  And he reminded me of the first rule of being a good writer–you have to write.


So true, that.   The difference between writers and most people is that writers also perfect the process of transmitting their opinions and ideas into some kind of organized script that can be read and understood by anyone, especially those who don’t happen to be privy to the daily stream of consciousness that the writer may utter with friends and in situations.

So, what does this have to do with haters?  Well, haters have to also practice hating on a daily basis in order to keep their edge.  And haters have difficulty responding the logical points of a well-written script, so that may cause them to avoid arguments with writers.   So there are connections of sorts there.  But, really, it just gives a familiar tag to the title because the phrase is used a lot today.  People have to do what they do, because it’s who they are.  If you stop hating, you cease to be a hater.  If I stop writing, I cease to be a writer.


Yes, and preachers have to preach.  I was trained to be a preacher.  I often go on Facebook and want to preach ten or twenty sermons in a day.  I have many pastor friends who barely say anything on Facebook.  I used to think I was quite the windbag compared to them.  But, I’ve begun to realize that they all have somewhere to preach already.  So they don’t need to do much of it on Facebook.  They still do once in awhile, and it’s usually good stuff to hear.  I, on the other hand, only have my blog, on which I get little feedback that I’m actually preaching to someone.


So, here I am, in the busiest season of my work year, writing a blog.  But, I have to write something somewhere.  I’m trying to give my Facebook friends a rest.  They have basically been reading my blog unofficially for the last six months and they probably won’t mind if I blow off steam somewhere else.


I gotta preach.   It’s all been said before, somewhere, by someone, in some way.  But that is the beauty of preaching.  There is always a new way of looking at things.  And every new perspective helps someone somewhere understand something better.  I’m not going to be preaching a new Gospel.  But people need to hear it, and I need to write it.


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