Happy Anniversary To Me. So What.

Well, another year of blogging quietly concluded.  Quietly is was mostly because I ceased to care much about blogging.  What is the point of all the talk when no one is listening?

So, today I read one of my old posts, where I got it.  I don’t blog for today, nor do I blog for present day America.  I blog the universal truth for the time when someone might actually care to listen.  If any of this survives the Great Purge of Queen Obama in 2045 (she the heir and successor to her father, King Barack, who becomes the first American Caesar just before the 2016 elections), then maybe some small band of rebels might be encouraged to some small degree to forge the new freedom movement.  If, by the grace of God, that movement doesn’t end up being led by a modern day Adi Amin, I might make some small difference in this world some day.

More likely,  I will get back to this blogging thing and help the small remnant of Christians who still exist after the mass exodus from churches that ensues, now that the Christian veneer has been totally stripped from America via the Supreme Coat Us.  At least no one will accuse me of being inconsistent.  Since the eve of Obama’s second election victory (My Kingdom is not of the world), I have been speaking the truth about nominal Christianity.  I like how Hunter Baker managed to encapsulate it.  Since Essy Oat Us has now removed any possible political gain to being Christian, the death knell of nominal Christianity has been sounded.

Now, I’m not for gay marriage any more than I’m for abortion.  But it just might be a good thing that we finally see the fruits of uncommitted Christianity.   Decades ago we dropped the ball when we stopped throwing people out of the church for doing unchristian things like sleeping around, easy divorces, spousal abuse, and, in general, imitating and trying to “fit in” to the unchristian world.  For decades, those watching the church shouted “hypocrisy!”   We, the few who really were trying to live our faith, tried to respond that we were misunderstood, that no one can live up to the standards of Christ no matter how hard they try, but that there is forgiveness when we fail.   We didn’t really understand that only 10% of us were really even trying.  We didn’t start to realize it until a whole generation of young Christians went off to college and never came back.  We blamed it on brainwashing of teachers (which is quite true), not realizing that the real blame lay in the fact that we neither taught our children God’s word nor showed them any example of Christian living.  Now, suddenly, the shock at legal gay marriage.  Frankly, I am a little shocked myself that gays should want to marry, given that “Christians” have made such a mess of the state that hardly anyone who looks at most marriages should want to marry.

Anyway, I’m still all for marriage.  It’s the best for everyone involved.  I’m not all for gay marriage, because I don’t think any marriage based on something abominable to God can ever end well.  And I’m not for the idea of Christian marriage just because that’s what Christians do.  No, I’m talking about a real, working marriage, with kids nurture by a father and a mother, kids who are trained up in the way they should go so that they know how it’s supposed to be done when it’s their turn.  But I haven’t seen much of that in a long, long time.  And, when I do see it, it is a rare thing of beauty.

So, yes, I’ll keep blogging.  I’ll take some different tacks, since logical politics is dead and gone.  But I signed on for five years minimum.  Two to go.  Hope I still recognize something in the world by then.



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2 responses to “Happy Anniversary To Me. So What.

  1. Hey! Happy anniversary! Take heart and hang in there, this too shall pass.

  2. NEO

    Happy Anniversary! 🙂 Yeah, I know the feelings, pretty much all of what you say.If nothing else, we’ll be good source material for some future Gibbon when he writes The Decline and Fall of the United States.

    Hang in there, darkest before the dawn, you know!

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