Illinois IARDC : Corrupt jurists, judicial & public officials

A friend of mine recently told me the sad story of her aunt. Her aunt unwisely gave POA to a neighbor. This neighbor had the aunt declared incompetent and place in the nursing facility, then appropriated her belongings with the help of court orders. Though my friend was able to get a hearing in which her aunt pleaded to have her POA switched to my friend, and though the aunt testified that she was being abused, to date nothing has changed.

There are thousands of cases where the government itself has appointed guardians for “incompetent” people on the flimsiest of evidence and have taken their rights or their property. Several cases like the simple questionnaires given to veterans. One vet had his guns confiscated for incompetence because, when asked about his finances, he replied, “My wife takes care of those.” They will use anything against you, especially if you are old. In the case of my parents, I’m even afraid of the yearly health consultation that is routine now. I tell them never answer yes to any questions such as, “Have you ever been sad over the past year?” Such things have been used as justification for institutionalization.

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No outrage is too large or too horrible for the corrupt jurists, judicial officials and public officials who participate in the cottage industry of elder cleansing and their war on the elderly and the disabled.

The lawyers who pirate the estates of the elderly and the disabled are given a free pass, but, any lawyer who joins in the complaint is suspended from the practice of law.”


The interim suspension of the law license of JoAnn Denison, Attorney

America has been very lucky to date. It continues as a viable republic in spite of events that could havedd395-Judge%20(site) destroyed her. For instance, in 1812 a hurricane drove the British out of Washington and saved the Republic. On December 7, 1941 the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. The American public reacted with patriotism and love of country. On September 11, 2002 terrorists attacked the Trade Center in…

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