Child support enforcement $499 for every $1 for visitation

This article doesn’t even explain the real depth of this gender-biased fiasco that is child support. Men who cannot get jobs, for whatever reason, are still required to prove that they submitted at least 25 applications each month, or they are jailed for non-payment. I personally know a man who has applied for over 1000 jobs, but, because he is on the sex offender registry (undeservedly), he cannot get work. He has been hauled into court over and over and over by the baby’s mother to try to extract more money, even though she will only let him see the child if he promises to stay overnight. If he does that, she tried to seduce him to sleep with her, even though he is engaged to another woman. The reason he gave up on their relationship is because he found out she slept with dozens of men while they were supposedly exclusive. He even caught her doing it in front of their child. But, because he is poor, no one will help him. I have tried to testify for him, but I am not even allowed in the court room. The woman has ALL the rights, regardless of who the guilty party is. I should also point out that everything we gave the child for gifts was pawned to by liquor, and every time the child was brought for visitation in the beginning, he’d show up with no clothes, no food, no formula, and no diapers. We would buy all those, too, but all that was disallowed when it came to credit for support. Seeing, now, in this article, that the State keeps most of the money, that is starting to make a lot of sense.

The PPJ Gazette

Corrupt CT
Bringing corruption to a whole new level.

Robert Franklin, Esq.  (Original post, 2012)

Note: This article from 2012 is extremely relevant to day as most states are engaging in a system of “stacking” where child support payments made are held in suspension accounts and then added to the cumulative amount reported to the federal government as “collected child support”.  The result?  A massive overpayment that increases the dollar for dollar matching funding for every dollar collected in child support. 

“Then there’s the fact that Washington pays states 66 cents for every dollar of €0-administrative costs they incur in squeezing non-custodial parents. That of course means that the more money you spend in administrative costs, the more you get from the feds.


The United States government spends over $499 for child support enforcement for every $1 it spends to enforce access and visitation by non-custodial parents…

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