Christian Millennials Work to Redeem Capitalism – How to Make America Disappear

While it’s interesting that young Christian Millennials are turning to entrepreneurship, more interesting are the graphs of the explosion of the nanny state and it’s departure from the small (less than 10% of GDP) government that over the first 150 years of our nation’s existence. Because no one is alive now that remembers those days, it has become easier to dupe the unsuspecting youth into believing that big government has always been the American model.

Reclaim Our Republic

These millennial hipsters have traded protesting the evil profits of Wall Street to make a profit of their own.
work project
April 14, 2015 By Elise Amyx

The media has decided millennials don’t make any sense—for good reason. In September 2011, millennials helped take over New York City’s Zuccotti Park to “Occupy Wall Street,” waving anti-capitalist signs in the air. But just two months later, William Deresiewicz of The New York Times contended that the millennial hero isn’t the hippie, reformer, or scientist, but the entrepreneur. Millennials love socialism one minute and hate big government the next. The generation is confused.

Christian millennials are no exception. Many grew up in conservative, Christian homes. But they’re not as eager to proclaim the same love for capitalism as their Ronald Reagan-adoring parents. Brett McCracken described this shift in his book, “Hipster Christianity.” When released in 2010, his premise—that millennials have been jaded by the…

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