Gave up politics for Lent

Not being of the Roman church tradition, I have never been one to feel obligated to give up things for Lent.  I always felt that, it you should give it up for Lent, you should give it up for good.  Isn’t , after all, the whole point of Mardi Gras to do all those salacious things that you are going to give up for Lent?  Doesn’t that make Lent, then, a form of genuflection in which you make an effort to deny yourself and honor God, if only for a little while?

Well, I do feel there is potential good in fasting and in denying ourselves of things for awhile, if that gives us the ability to concentrate on something more important.  And this is why I chose to give up politics for Lent.

Some people smoke and some do not.  Some people drink alcohol and some do not.  Some people feel giving up meat is a huge sacrifice and some do not.  But I hardly know a single person who isn’t addicted to politics.  It’s what makes the world tic, so I am told.  And, as a political blogger, not talking about politics for six weeks is going to kill my blog site.

But, is politics really what makes the world go round?  I thought that was God.  And has my sight really focused on politics or has it focused more on the root cause of all political malaise — lack of God?

Whether I talk about politics or not, they same things will go on in the world.   Whether ISIS becomes the new world threat or not, war, hatred, social disaster and political ineptness will all come from some source, in some way, for all time.   And all the political pundits and all the congressmen and women will never be able to fix the world’s problems and bring peace for all time or even in our time.  For there is only one who can bring peace to the earth, and one who offers a true fix — Jesus Christ.

Martin Luther, erstwhile Roman Catholic monk of the sixteenth century said very well, “The job of the Christian shoemaker is not to paint crosses on all the shoes he makes.  His job is to make the best possible pair of shoes he can make.”   Sure, one can talk of politics and all other things as a Christian and doesn’t have to drop the name of Jesus in every sentence.  But he can discuss everything in the light of the truth that Jesus has revealed. And he can find empirical evidence from life that clearly shows how common sense aligns with the truths of God.  So a Christian can be an especially good political pundit.  But, because the world refuses to acknowledge the truth or follow it, the Christian, in order to be a pundit, must swim in a sea of compromises.  He cannot stand up for truly conservative line that the world, devoid of common sense or lacking the desire to be reined in by it, would never accept.  He cannot speak the truth that abortion is, by and large, a shameful, disgraceful sanctioning of murder, so he must instead speak about splitting hairs as to what would seem prudent for the gestational point at which to cease to allow it.  He can’t speak about how shameful it is that the 97% of heterosexual people have allowed to 2% of homosexual people who run Hollywood to jam their twisted lifestyle down our throats on the cable channels that we must now pay handsomely to receive.   He can, however, compromise by saying, “That’s not how I choose to live but you are free to do what you want,”  while not adding the part about how deviance from the six thousand years of normal marriage and family are ruining the world.  Or, he can tell the truth and either be ignored or vilified.  Watching my blog number for the last three years, I’m guessing that in my case it is mostly being ignored.

Well, I committed to continue blogging for at least five years.  And I will.  But I care about other things too much to keep beating the dead horse.  I will soon be creating another blog site and moving on.  Of course I will take my posts with me and set them in a corner somewhere in case anyone might want to read them in the future.  And I probably will compile a few things into an E-book and have that as my manifesto on the subject of politics.  But I have other places to go, other people to meet, and miles and miles I want to go before I sleep.  And those people, places and miles I want to travel speaking about what works and not what is broken.  Thousands and thousands of bloggers have that covered already.

So, sorry I’ve been out for awhile.  Expect that, for at least four more weeks, I will say nothing of America and it’s hellbent run to destruction.  Not that I don’t want to.  But I have bigger fish to fry.


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