I’m an Old, Grumpy Man Today

WIN_20150205_122021  Some days, I fail to launch.  This is one of those days.  Actually, I have already accomplished a great deal of stuff that doesn’t seem to count for anything.

I always want to write.  I’m sure that I am one of the most annoying friends to be had on Facebook, because I add my two cents’ worth to everything.  Do you have such people in your life?  Don’t you sometimes just want to slap them and tell them to get a life?

I have a life, of course.  So far today, I am playing hookie (spell check’s got nothin) from it.  Some days you just have to stop the world and get off.  OK, I’ll be out there making amends as soon as I finish writing about nothing, so this doesn’t really count as a day off.  More like “administrative leave” or being assigned to a desk job pending some investigation.  Speaking of administration, this is the most overlooked part of self-employment.  You can only put it off so long before you outrun your supply chain.  That’s sort of where I am today.

Well, enough about my laziness.  It’s not really laziness.  It’s just that my job is quite tedious, monotonous, and seclusive that I sometimes can’t get myself to face it.  So, instead, I am sitting, by myself, writing to people I will never see and who will never respond to me.  See how that is way better?

Age is, of course, relative.  My father tells me about his day, the highlight of which is washing the kitchen floor.  If he does that, that’s a good day.  Once I raked his leaves for him.  He said, don’t bother, it takes two days.  I was done in three hours.  For him that was amazing.  For me, that meant three days of stiffness.  No, I am not 80 something, so I can still do a young man’s work.  But also, I am not 20 something, so give me a few days to recover when I do 20 something work.   Lucky is the 50 something man who can do enough manual labor every day to stay in shape but not too much that he can’t answer the bell every day.  It’s a fine line that takes constant adjustment as we grow older.

As for being grumpy, it’s the above said adjustments that make me grumpy.  I need to be 20 something because I have a lot to do.  I can’t be 20 something.  So I have to adjust, and somehow get more done with less effort.   I often have great success at that.  But not this week.  I feel rather like a failure this week, at least at doing my job.  But, one thing that time does teach us is that even a little progress each day at something can add up to a whole lot of progress over time.  While my body and mind needed a vacation from the primary occupation, I did advance in some areas that I hope will help me when I am too old to do my present job as much but still too young to retire.   I have on my agenda, for instance, finishing becoming a virtuoso pianist, so that I can be of some service to mankind and also so that I can attract some students and have my dream retirement job of a piano teaching studio.  After all,  who doesn’t want a grumpy old man for a teacher?


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