Woman reflects on her bio-parents’ divorce and growing up in two-lesbian home

It’s unfortunately true that our society has reduced the rights of children to a cipher in so many ways even as it claims loudly that children’s rights are respected over and above the rights of parents. It all depends, I suppose, on one’s agenda. If it is to encourage irresponsibility and childishness among those who would commit acts regardless of child lives, such as abortion on demand and the rights of gays to have children, the, by all means, we must claim loudly that no children are hurt (even as we have videos of unborn children screaming while being dissected alive). If, however, it is in the interest of proving that the state is better at raising children than two loving and biologically committed people, then by all means we must elevate the rights of the child. At all costs, we must stifle the voices of those experientially in the know in favor of white-frocked theorists in ivory towers.


The Public Discourse posted a really interesting letter from a woman whose biological parents divorced, and then she grew up with her mother and her mother’s lesbian partner. She addresses this post to Justice Kennedy, the swing vote on the Supreme Court.

She writes:

Children are the reason government has any stake in this discussion at all. Congress was spot on in 1996 when it passed the Defense of Marriage Act, stating:

At bottom, civil society has an interest in maintaining and protecting the institution of heterosexual marriage because it has a deep and abiding interest in encouraging responsible procreation and child-rearing. Simply put, government has an interest in marriage because it has an interest in children.

There is no difference between the value and worth of heterosexual and homosexual persons. We all deserve equal protection and opportunity in academe, housing, employment, and medical care, because we are all humans created in…

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  1. It occurs to me that the government wants to be our parent. Logically, then, it must reinforce childish behavior that reinforces it’s role as parent. That is how we can reconcile seemingly contradictory pro and anti-child laws. Each law that makes an adult less capable of claiming the ability to be an adult with no need of parental state supervision is, therefore a good law, be it regulations that indulge immaturity of action or those that limit the claim of authority over children. The state is interested in making all children, from cradle to grave.

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