The Torrent Model: Power of the Swarm

For years I have used torrents to preview large amounts of data and to download large items, such as foreign movies, that are not available to me any other way.  While I am not here to talk about the legality or the ethics behind such free sharing, which often may violate copyright laws, I believe there is something to be said about the torrent model when it comes to disseminating information.

Today, I was on Youtube, trying to access  popular video site for libertarian thinking.  I was not able to view the video, because too many others were already accessing it.  And here is the problem with having on destination for everyone–access.

Enter the hoard of the blogosphere.  What are we if not the swarm?  I know I have said this before, but there is a purpose in our borrowing from each other.  And there is a much greater one than just upping our view count, maybe attracting sponsors and having impressive numbers of articles.  There is the swarm mentality.

We are in a death race with the forces of, well, evil, to teach what really works in the creation of good and orderly societies.  The forces of evil, be they called communism, humanism, socialism, or whatever, already own the institutions of higher learning and high positions in offices of trust.  The only place left to spread our message of freedom is in the swarm.  The internet is our last bastion of free speech–for now.  The swarm is how torrents are broken down to manageable pieces and reliably shared.  We, the conservative blogosphere, must also be the swarm.  Sting, baby, sting.

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