2014 Protests in Asia

“The Chinese kicked-out American missionaries and the Chinese Church thrived ever since. Christians are another group that needs to manage the home front first. As Jesus said, “Pluck the log from your own eye first, then you can see clearly to help your brother.” Too many self-absorbed American Christians want to take the message of Jesus, but they don’t want to obey it.”
As a Christian, who reads and speaks Chinese, and who had planned to teach English in China and spread the Word on the side, these are tough words to hear, but true. My own church body has had to pull out of many countries, only to find that the church thrives in those countries when the indigenous people are forced to lead.
In the same way, I like the Republican form of government, which we usually refer to as “democracy.” They are not the same. True democracy is eventual chaos. Republics are democracy reigned in by rule of law. In any case, the author is correct. America isn’t going to fix it’s problems by solving everyone else’s. And America isn’t really helping other countries solve their problems by getting in the way.

China Daily Mail

Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Fake Protest, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

I was in Hong Kong a few weeks before the Umbrella Movement broke out. And I made a prediction: The protests would change nothing, China would do nothing, there would be a lot of noise, then it would fizzle out and the 2017 elections would go forward as planned. It looks like I was right.

I don’t agree or disagree with this, it was merely a prediction. Now, what do I think about the “democracy” protests in Taiwan and Hong Kong…

I think countries need to deal with their own problems. America is running dry on money because they prop up democracies all over the world, rather then giving people the freedom to pursue their own dreams. All this so-called “help” that America “gives [with obligation]” cripples nations like an over-protective mother smothering her children from being able to stand on their own.


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