Survival Prospects for ObamaCare in 2015

I can’t afford Affordable Care. I can’t even afford the tax penalty.w Probably going to be forced out of my home. If so, there’s a chance I may then qualify for health care assistance. Well, this is the way the good old progressives always operate. They like to beat successful people into the ground until they can’t make ends meet then swoop in with their benevolent despotism. Unfortunately, there is nothing benevolent about it. And, of course, there are all the gotchas should you ever actually have a condition. Because, after all, you will need to follow the prescribed “treatment” or else. And, of course, if you have children, forget about being in charge of their care. You are stupid civilian, you cannot raise children. It must take village, Da! Welcome to Soviet rule at its finest. Oh, and please drop your drawers and bend over.

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new-logo25By Jane M. Orient, M.D.,


“It may be years before a new beneficiary develops a serious illness and finds out that his policy is worthless.
• Come April, Americans will be having to tell the IRS about their insurance status, and pay an additional “tax” if it doesn’t meet requirements. Employers face onerous new reporting requirements come New Year’s Day, and the delayed employer mandate kicks in.”


Now that Republicans have control of Congress, they could possibly keepObamacareHurt their promise to repeal ObamaCare—except for two immediate obstacles. One of course is the threat of the Presidential veto. Another is the already apparent willingness of craven politicians to surrender pre-emptively.

Once a government benefit is given, it becomes politically suicidal to take it back—at least in a way that people can see. There are likely a million or more Americans who are reveling in “having healthcare for the…

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  1. It’s really frustrating. An Obamanation, indeed. The un-inusured are now left with either a policy they can’t afford, a deductable they can’t pay, or a fine they can’t pay.

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