President Putin Checkmates Rothschild’s West In A Financial Deadlock: Obama’s Absence Of Positive Economic Prospects.

This article asks the question: Is Putin secretly part of the Rothchild Zionist NWO or is he their enemy? The author leans strongly toward the latter. One thing Putin was honest about was that the 1917 Revolution and USSR Supreme Soviet consisted of 85% Zionist Jews. This has been known since the 1930’s by anyone who cared to pay attention. It is well-documented that Communist Zionists tried to infiltrate and turn Hungary before WWII and were turned out, and that they carried out a campaign to eradicate true Christianity in USSR satellite countries, allowing only a compliant puppet church to stand for appearances. Even as Russia has slipped out of their finders, along with Iceland and some other third-tier nations, Europe and America are running headlong into their economic trap. It has been a long road that started way back in Revolutionary times. Only since the New Deal and their greatest coup, in which they funded both sides of the WWII and made fortunes, through I.G. Farben and related companies on both sides of the Pond, did the momentum of their agenda begin to gather. Since then, they have created and controlled the massive pharmaceutical drug trade and killed countless cures for cancer, diabetes and other diseases. And now they are using the pharmaceutical industry to force doctors into turning Americans into zombies, beginning in the earliest years of grade school.

Only once in awhile do I go to this well, because the American public cannot handle the truth. I know, because I remember how devastated I was when the scales fell off. However, there is a God–the very one the Zionists fight so fiercely to discredit and to destroy his followers.This God is more powerful than they are. We know that things will be really awful for Christians in the end, because it is foretold in the Bible, and the Bible has never been proven wrong. I have often felt that this tended to mean that the Rothchilds would win. Now there is Russia, which seems to be a counter-force. We are also told of a great battle between Gog and Magog. Perhaps this is shaping up in our near future. These are incredible times. Powerful forces on the move. The closing of the Industrial Age and the nation state and the seeming emergence of a new age, possibly the information age or possibly another darker age, and possibly the end of the nation state as we know it, at least in the West.

P.S.  McCarthy wasn’t far off from the truth.

Political Vel Craft

Russia United States

Accusations of the West towards Putin are traditionally based on the fact that he worked in the KGB. And therefore he is a cruel and immoral person. Putin is blamed for everything. But nobody ever accused Putin of the lack of intelligence.

In fact, Vladimir Putin Removed Rothschild From Russia In 2006!

Any accusations against this man only emphasize his ability for quick analytical thinking and making clear and balanced political and economic decisions.

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