Detained for 19 Days: Immigration Checkpoint Refusal Gone Wrong

I had heard about these cherckpoints before. Actually, anyone within 100 miles of any US border is considered to be in a high risk security zone and can be detained and otherwise have his or her constitution rights violated in the name of “Homeland Security”. In the state in which I live, which borders those highly terrorist Canadians, two thirds of the state, including where I reside, fall within this zone. Therefore, I should be careful not to say anything anti-government for fear they will take me down, hold me, confiscate my property, etc. Actually that wouldn’t be much worse than the economic vice they have me in already. But there may be some of you out there who have property or family that you care about enough to not have the quasi-government overstepping their bounds like this. Pay attention. This is your “transparent” government at work. Only you can prevent forest fires.

Ah yes, business as usual here in the land of the leech and the home of the slave. — jtl, 419

You’ve probably seen them before: internal border checkpoint refusals, now a popular YouTube genre. Some are funny. Others are hostile. But for Greg Rosenberg, a naturalized U.S. citizen who speaks accented English, an encounter with South Texas border patrol resulted in weeks of jail time without a single charge being prosecuted.

Rosenberg immigrated to America 10 years ago from Armenia. Memories and family stories of Soviet rule in his country of origin infused him with strong political beliefs and a reverence for individual rights.

“Back then [in Soviet-controlled Armenia], if you complained about the government, they took you to Siberia,” says Rosenberg.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that Rosenberg is a checkpoint protester. As a long-haul trucker, he has to drive through these all the time. After…

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