Will Someone tell the Mainstream Media about the Booker T. Washington Society

The below article makes some very good points about the fact that blacks and whites in the South managed to forge new cooperative ventures after the war for the betterment of both in the aftermath of failed government reconstruction. What the article does not address, even as was addressed briefly by Carl Sandburg in his opening to Storm Over The Land, is that already, before the war, there were a large number of free and landed blacks who were coexisting quite well with landed white southerners. Most of the problems before and after the war dealt with “reparations”, but not as we think of them today. First, southern slave owners had substantial investments in slaves for which abolitionists offered no compensation. They were to free their slaves without any “reparations”. This they felt was unconstitutional. After the war, blacks who had been slaves suddenly had no masters and no support systems by which to have housing and food. Along came unscrupulous politicians and promised “reparations”, a slice of the former pie on which to eek a living. Again, unconstitutional illegal land seizure and redistribution.  Also, there was no allowance made for the unlanded poor whites in the redistribution effort, which caused the whole scheme to be reverse racism.  The article calls the reconstructionists “radical Republicans” and tells us that the Lincoln administration started and backed their agenda. However, that may not be quite fair to Lincoln, who, it seems to me, spent most of his presidency keeping thee more radical forces at bay and promoting a return to peace with as little change in the southern order as possible, excepting the end of slavery.  If Lincoln had lived, the South might have had a much easier time reintegrating into the Union.
I find that we once again have “radical Republicans” in our midst. By this I mean what we call Rinos. And also, we have other radical Republicans fomenting for new secession. Understandable, since the Rinos are helping the Democrats herd us into new economic plantations and enslaving us with regulations. Whether we call them Republicans or Democrats is beside the point. The point is, as was shown by the southern whites and blacks who worked together and moved forward, we the people solve our own problems very well when we are not impeded by the unwanted programs of our ever more socialist federal meddlers. Government exists for protecting and for unity of law, as set forth in the Constitution. Beyond that, it only serves to destabilize. Stirring one group against another only leads to negative tension. Such tension escalates and provides “justification” for more destabilizing government intervention, all in the name of public order.

Reclaim Our Republic

Booker T Washington Society
January 2, 2015 By Gail Jarvis

Mainstream media reports usually focus on racial establishments like the NAACP and Al Sharpton’s organizations; those organizations that not only disapprove of American society, but also express hostility towards white Americans. But rarely if ever does the media mention the Booker T. Washington Society: a society that espouses Mr. Washington’s philosophy of conciliatory rather than adversarial interactions between blacks and whites.

Although you probably wont see this in media reports, the black community’s approval of belligerent racial organizations has diminished over the years while the Booker T. Washington Society is gaining support among blacks.

Although born into slavery, Mr. Washington never succumbed to self-pity, nor did he allow segregation to hold him back. His hard work and diligence not only gained him a college degree, but made him a man of unusual prominence in Southern society. In 1881, while only 25 years old, he…

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