Storm Over the Land Part 3: Opportunities Squandered

Black men could now move from where they were miserable to where they were equally miserable . . . now too the Negro who wished to read could do so . . . The illiterate, propertyless Negro was to be before the law and the Federal Government an equal of the illiterate, propertyless white . .  In storm and blood, without compensation . . . property values of some $3 Billion ($100+ billion 2014 equivalent) had gone up in smoke . . . At terrific human cost there had been a redefinition of one species of property. While the Civil War certainly was not all about the slaves, and though they didn’t start it, they were certainly the greatest beneficiaries of it.  And yet the war had so impoverished the South that all men, black and white, slave and slave owner, found themselves suddenly with a freedom wrought by destruction of the old things.  It was a chance to start anew.  But what could be done? The North had mobilized itself into high gear for the war.  Now freed from the execution of destruction, it was loosed for construction.  The great railways steamed west.  The promise of America was finally unfettered to explode upon the continent.  Such opportunities were open to the people of the South.  But most of them were too stunned by the sudden change, too shell-shocked to take advantage.  Yes, the poor but free black man could now get an education.  But who was going to give it to him?  The poor white man wasn’t fairing much better.  How could they know where to go?  Over time, great migrations commenced.  The streets of Chicago and other northern industrial hubs would fill to overflowing.  In time, the educational barriers, most likely the same barriers Lincoln would have dismantled had he lived, would be removed and a liberal education would be available to all.  It took nearly 100 years, but the last discriminations of racism were finally put to rest.  All were equal. So, what has become of this great equality that was so dearly bought?  Do the grand-children and great-grand-children of the great struggle exist today, wrapped arm in arm, and sport the finest education on the planet?  Has a society freed from the constraints of the plantation lifted itself to the greatest standard of living ever seen?  Isn’t it rather more like Dante’s frustrating boulder?  For, having gotten to the top of the hill and seen the glorious horizon, we have allowed ourselves to slip all the way back into Hell. As Sandburg pointed out in his prologue, the Northern industrialists had their own slaves–the huddled masses of poor from Europe and beyond.  They were better slaves than the black man because they could be had for free, used for cheap, and required no housing or feeding.  These huddled poor found that they only way up and out of slavery was education, and they sought it with all their might.  And they did rise, as did the former slaves of the South.  By sheer will and determination, they overcame. But what has happened to our will and determination?  Who has told our youth that the dream is dead, that the road to freedom no longer runs through the halls of education?  At the same time, what has happened to our halls of education that once created the brightest young adults in the world and now turn out semi-illiterate children who know no better than to whine about their easy lives and have sex like bunnies? Young people, you should be ashamed of yourselves.  Your ancestors, who poured their blood on the fields of Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and all points south, are rolling over in their graves.  You educators, you smug little progressive fomentors of hate for all things American, led by your ever-burgeoning class of administrative tyrants and sycophants, should be even more ashamed of yourselves.  Many of you still remember when the proletariat in this country were also the bourgeois.  You remember that the masses that made up the rank and file of this country were the well-educated, the champions of peace and justice, the moral backbone of this country.   And many of you, instead of cherishing your heritage, learning from the mistakes and forging ahead to a better America, drank the progressive waters, the social propaganda that sought anew to tear the finally unified fabric of our nation asunder.  You hung your heads in shame at what your fathers had done, not realizing that the greatest struggles had already been won, the day had been carried, and it was but yours to step out and reap the benefits.  Instead of forging ahead, you sought to undo all the progress, allowed yourself to be lured by the communist intelligentsia, who wanted nothing of a country in the clouds, who made you their useful idiot foot soldiers in their plan to destroy the greatest beacon of hope for freedom that this world has ever seen and probably ever will see. What are we supposed to do now?  “And there arose a pharaoh who did not know Joseph.”  Who under fifty really remembers from where we have fallen?  Who in our system of attorneys at law, not even in law, who have all grown up with the progressive fascist interpretation of justices since the great 1932 demise of the true constitutional rule of law that predated the Raw Deal, even has really studied constitutional law?  Obama claims he is a constitutional lawyer.  Does that give you any idea how far we have come from our true roots of freedom? There has been talk of secession once again.  Sandburg tells us that the two decided issues of the civil war were the end of people as property (in the strict legal sense) and the death of the idea of secession and states’ rights.  There are some that believe we must go back beyond the Constitution to the Articles of Confederation just for this reason.  But the defeat of the South pointed out the very glaring problems with a loose collection of autonomous states.  Fifty warring states, even if some or many of them return to the rule of law in some form, is still going to end only in chaos.  Just think about the sectarian squabbles in the European states that have brewed ad infinitum for centuries.  There can be no hope in secession. We may have to fight the civil war again.  But, this time it will not be fought based on geographical location.  This time it will be those who really love America and want it to go back to being America against those who want to turn it into something else.  This war cannot be fought and won with swords.  It must be won with words.  And that is why we see such little promise of victory.  How will the children of today believe our words when they cannot hope to and have no desire to understand them? The Civil War was all for nothing.  Go ahead, young heirs of the great freedom.  Prove me wrong!


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