Jesus, Justice, and why Atheists can’t talk about it.

There seems to be a great outcry at the moment about justice.  Many people think there is a lack of justice.  Many think we have to do something to seek justice or force justice or get reparations for lack of justice.  But justice is a hard topic to define and an even harder one to obtain in a world of random events.  If there is a God, though, and if his son is really Jesus, whose birth we celebrate tomorrow, then there is perfect justice.

According to the Bible, God created mankind.  He endowed them with perfection and lavished them with everything their hearts could desire.It was a perfect world with perfect justice.  After all, there is no need to have a system of justice for righting wrongs when no one has been wronged.

Along comes Satan.  Satan was also created by God and lived in God’s heavenly kingdom of perfect justice.  But Satan thought he was being short-changed in having to play second fiddle to God, just because God had created him.  So Satan decided to try a takeover, for which he got the boot.

Now, Satan didn’t like the idea that he was no longer allowed to live the good life, so he devised a plan by which he could satisfy his twisted sense of justice.  If he couldn’t be happy living with God, he would make sure the humans were just as miserable as he was.  So he convinced Adam and Eve that God was unjust and that only Satan knew what true justice was.

The fact that Satan claimed to know justice better than God didn’t make it the truth.  But the lie of Satan has continued to this day as people continue to find every reason to blame God for his injustice.  But God has always been just.  He has not, however, always been fair.  And it is through his son Jesus that God showed just how unfair he could be.  And thank God that he did.

You see, God’s justice demanded that Adam and Eve, and all of their offspring, should immediately be destroyed, or, at the very least, sent to live with Satan and banished from the kingdom of God.  But God had decided that he would find a scapegoat to punish for the rebellion of mankind.  By punishing this scapegoat, God would be able to offer another chance for mankind to be acceptable to enter his kingdom.  Jesus was the scapegoat.

People like to say that God is unjust.  No, he is just.  Rebellion got punished.  What is unfair, though, is that God didn’t punish us for our rebellion, he punished Jesus instead.  We all deserve to be suffering in Hell.  We all deserve for God to completely turn his back on us, stop the rain from falling and the sun from shining, and let us starve and freeze.  But, the sun still shines and the rain still falls.  And we still have an opportunity to be reconciled to him for eternity.

So, what about those who are sick, or poor, or disabled, or in war-torn countries?  Doesn’t that show a lack of God’s justice?   How could a loving God allow such misery to exist in the world?  Well, the misery in the world is a result of mankind deciding to run things.  Turns out they don’t run things very well.  in the meantime, God has provided the ultimate equality of outcome for anyone who wants it.  God has provided that all who take Jesus’ righteousness as their own can live a perfect eternity in Heaven with him.  Doesn’t matter if you are rich, poor, sick, healthy, tall, short, or whatever on this earth.  In Heaven everyone will be equally perfect and perfectly happy.   God provides the ultimate affirmative action!

Now, let’s say that you are atheist and don’t believe that God exists.  You believe that everything in the universe happened by chance.  And yet you want to scream about the injustice in the world.  First I must ask you how you arrive at a definition of what justice is.  If there is no God, and all things are random, what do you use as your standard?  In a random universe with no meaning, there is no such thing as good and bad.  Everything is just random.  That means some people will evolve to be smarter, taller, smarter, greedier, whatever.   The only law of a random universe is the survival of the fittest.  So, if some people seem to get the short end of the stick, that is not evil, It is just the way of the random universe.  Obviously those people will be weeded out by natural selection.

You claim that there is no God, because God wouldn’t let some people suffer while others live in incredible affluence.  Yet, at the same time, you try to be God.  You run around advocating all kinds of “social justice”.  But, in reality, you are merely justifying stealing from one set of people to give to another set of people, who, by your own standards of randomness, are poor because they are poor and not by the “fault” of anyone.  You make all kinds of claims that some groups are oppressed by other groups. Yet you don’t seem to notice the other types of oppression that you and others perpetrate on the “favored” groups.  Favored by whom?  There is no God, and there is no “white boys network” who is playing God, as is evidenced by the fact that there are more poor white people than any other group.

No, atheists can’t talk about justice, because there is no such thing as justice without an eternal standard.  And, if there is no God, then there is no eternal standard.   All are subject to random “luck”.

I happen to believe there was a creator.  It seems pretty clear to me that we all operate with a sense of right and wrong, which means someone set the standard.  Otherwise, any talk of “social justice”, or any other kind of justice, is pointless.  So, which way will you have it?  For my money, I take God and justice.  And I appropriate God’s justice through Jesus.  And I have a happy, righteous and oppression-free Christmas.


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