Little Things Mean a Lot

I’m in the process of coming down with something.  I probably am catching it from the young child who, along with her parent, has been temporarily staying with me.  The child’s single parent has no choice but to put her into preschool while the parent is at work.   The child inevitably shares communicable diseases with the other children in the preschool.

Anyone getting my gist yet.  “You can’t possibly be saying that we should get rid of preschools because they spread disease, can you?”   Yes, that would be absurd.  If taken to the last degree, then we should get rid of schools altogether and have the children raised at home.  But that would mean that someone would have to stay home and care for and educate the children.  And that would mean that this poor single parent would be forced to pay for a full time caregiver or, short of being able to afford that, that all children should have two parents so that one could stay home and raise the children.


Little things mean a lot.  It’s because they are not really little at all.  Our modern progressive society has merely chosen to marginalize the most important things in the world.  Those “little things” like keeping sex and children inside a marriage turn out to be pretty big when we see the chaos and the incalculable cost of doing otherwise.

A child had to go to work with her parent today because she could not go to school sick or be left home alone.  No child should have to go through that.  Perhaps, when she grows up, she will remember and think twice before doing it to her own children.  Perhaps we will all wake up soon and realize what we have created and do something to change it.  Perhaps.  But, the snowball is far down the hill now, and the problem is no longer so little at all.


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