Black-on-Black Violence Is of Holocaust Proportions

According to Walter Hoye, as quoted in, it takes less than three days to snuff out more black people by abortion than all the black people (3446) who were lynched by the KKK in 86 years.  According to 2008 abortion statistics, 432,000 abortions, about 34% of the 1.2 million abortions that year, were black abortions.   According to 2012 CDC statistics for births, there were 587,000 births to black mothers.  Of those, 72% were out of wedlock, which continues an upward trend from 40 years ago, when alarm bells were ignored when 25% of black babies were born out of wedlock.  (The trend of unwed pregnancy has spilled over to white mothers, who now have more than 30% of their children out of wedlock)

Over 40% of black babies are killed by their mothers before they are born.

Three fourths of black babies who are born are consigned to broken homes.

According to the American Free Press, 50% of black male youths and 38% white mail youths will be arrested by the age of 23.  Black youths are six times more likely to commit violent crimes than their white counterparts.  According to the FBI Crime Reports, blacks commit half of the murders nationally.  93% of black violence is directed toward black victims.  In the recent riots over alleged “White-on-black” crime, millions of dollars of black-owned business was destroyed by black protesters, not to mention murders and other violent crimes that far outpaced the original deaths that sparked the outcry.

Meanwhile, from the White House on down, blacks are being encouraged to hate white people and blame them for all the violence against blacks.  Statistically, though, blacks commit violence against white about 50 times as much as the reverse.  However, that is relatively unimportant, compare to the holocaust blacks are perpetrating on themselves.

You know, murder gets all the headlines.  And we should be horrified that half of black pregnancies will end either in abortion or in a homicide at some later date.  But, we should be equally as horrified that all these children being born into poverty and broken homes will live a life worse than death, virtual prisoners until they become, in most cases, actual prisoners.  Of course this does not apply to all blacks, only the half of them who live in the poverty zones.  And that is the real tragedy.  For those in the poverty zones, the chances of incarceration are really almost 100%!

I don’t have a clue how we stop this holocaust, unless it is to sterilize all the women and lock up all the men so that it stops perpetuating.  That would be eugenics, and I am 100% opposed to eugenics, which is genocide.  Obviously, the people who are aborting 40% of black children are not, though.  They think it’s some kind of answer to the problem.  Well, actually, they think it’s a way to keep the black population poor but under control.  Problem is, it’s already out of control.  And not a single welfare or community program is doing a thing to stop it.

I have never gone out of my way to love Jews.  But, I would hope that I would have stood up and said something or done something to save them from Nazi butchery.  Whether or not I love black people is beside the point.  It’s time for all of us to stand up and scream that enough is enough!   This holocaust has got to stop!  Fine, Le Bron.  Wear your “I can’t breathe” shirt.  Be like everyone else and avoid the elephant in the room.   Don’t you think all those perfectly viable, late-term babies who have the life sucked out of them would love it if you stood up for their right to breathe?  How about all the starving babies whose mothers ran off to by crack with the food money?  Don’t you think they would love it if you wore and “I’m starving” shirt for them”.  Don’t you think that all those innocent children caught in the cross fire should have someone wear a shirt for them?   The Elephant in the room, people!  The Elephant!  The Elephant!  The Elephant!

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