Again I beat this dead horse, probably because it is now a zombie horse that refuses to die. There are so many layers to the story. Allegedly about racism, it’s really more about attempts by seditious political groups to undermine America. These groups could not ask for a better group of useful idiots to, wittingly or unwittingly, advance their cause. Obama himself was greatly influenced in childhood by both Muslim and Communist mentors, both with the same agenda to tear down America and to replace it with a country of their own ideology. Here is a lot of proof for anyone who really wants to know the truth, which doesn’t appear to be anyone in the mobs or in the complicit media.


The Michael Brown thing is getting far more than its share of attention from both sides of the argument than it deserves. After all, it amounts to nothing more than a member of one criminal gang killing a member of another criminal gang. Nothing unusual for today’s “War on Everything and Everybody” style of government .

But…there are two things that we SHOULD be concerned about– both of which are clearly identifiable crimes with a criminal gang perpetrator and an innocent victim.

1. The epidemic of black on white violence that Colin Flahrety is trying so hard to expose. See The top 200 black mob violence videos. You will be appalled, especially how the mainstream media has almost completely ignored these events. And…

2. The fact that, (according to the FBI at least) if you are an American citizen (either black or white) you are eight (8) times more likely to be murdered by a cop than you are by a…

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