Preaching to the Choir


Ann Coulter is an extraordinarily witty and intelligent writer.  I am on my third book from her hand.  I have also read several books by Glenn Beck and even one or two from Rush Limbaugh.  All of them are spot on.  All of them, but especially Coulter, suffer from the same problem–they are inside jokes.  To read them and make any sense of them, one has to have the background information which they reference.  One also has to have a little more literary acumen than can  be obtained in the average college degree. (No, I’m not saying that those who have college literary degrees can’t read them.  But, let’s be honest, how many people go to college for that?  Anyone who doesn’t want a job, or who wants to be a college professor.)  You have to be a card-carrying member of the club to get the inside joke.  So, other than selling a lot of books and making a lot of money, what is the point?

Having directed many choirs in the past, I understand that there is a need for practice.  I would never just hand my choirs a piece of music on Sunday before the service and expect them to play it without a hitch, under pressure, in front of a live audience.  The best of them could probably come close; the rest, the average ones, would need coaching, correcting on note and timing, pitch correction, breathing work, enunciation, you name it.

Of course, the other thing I never asked them to do was to try to play without telling them what to play.  They had to have a piece of music in front of them to direct them and get them all to the same places at the same time.  If they all merely practiced their scales, its not going to get them to where they need to go.

Such, then, is the purpose of preaching to the choir.  They already know how to sing and why they are singing.  They just need to know what to sing and get some practice singing.

The same can be said for Coulter, Limbaugh, Beck, The Heritage Foundation, The Daily Bell, The National Review, and so on.  Their job is not so much about educating the people on the Right about what it means to be Right, it’s more about supplying ammunition.  In this sense, they are valuable resources for those of us on the Right.   But they are not resources that are easily shared with those on the outside looking in.  The mere invocation of certain names will send lefties screaming into the night and kill any possibility of them having an open mind to logical discussion.

For this reason, it is important that conservatives who with to engage with liberals strip off the labels and present the facts without mentioning the preachers.  Even more important, it’s incumbent upon them to find ways to lead the thirsty horse to water and make them want to drink in.  This is a hard task, especially given that lefties are totally unfamiliar with the whole idea of using their own brains to arrive at conclusions instead of being given the answers.

Ann Coulter writes that it’s impossible to understand how killing a tree could be more of a crime than killing an unborn child.  I, too, have said that it’s ludicrous to close beaches to protect unhatched turtle eggs but not close abortion clinics to protect unborn babies.  My statement might make more sense because I compare two things that are unborn (unhatched).  The point in using either example is to get the leftie thinking.  Just don’t say you read it in her book or on my blog.  You will be accused of being a parrot, a ditto head.

Now, the great irony, of course, is that it’s OK for lefties to mindlessly utter lefty slogans without any understanding of the facts, but it is considered parroting for a righty to state the actual facts because they happened to have been stated first by another prominent righty.   How many times have you heard it said that abortion in America has killed more babies (56 million) than Hitler did in the entire WWII?   You can’t say that, though, because you are just parroting someone else and therefore you are narrow-minded and brain dead.  But, those are the facts.  Regardless of who said it first or what you think of someone’s agenda, you cannot change the facts.  Oh, wait, yes you can.  You can say the an unborn baby is just a blob of tissue.  But then the facts tell you that the baby has its own heart beat at six weeks, working fingers in two months, fingerprint in three months, can survive outside the womb at four to six months.  In light of these Facts, at what point can you say that a baby is not a living person?  But, hey, it’s only my opinion, which I got from my righty indoctrinator guru, that abortion is killing a person.  But, wait, it’s still the facts.   Since your indoctrinator happened to be your third grade public school teacher, who is God and cannot be questioned, you certainly are not the brainwashed one in this argument. (By the way, why are we so concerned about children’s rights after they are born when we have no concern for them before they are born?)

OK, we can’t win the war of personal integrity.  It’s not that the Right doesn’t have any.  It’s that those on the Left, the open-minded, compassionate, inclusive ones, deny that it’s possible.  So the facts will have to do.  Never argue with a lefty.  Throw down your facts and move on.  To every new assault bring new facts.  When there is a cease fire, bring more facts.  When you have filled the battle field with facts, you have laid the mine fields that lefties will not be able to jump over to personally attack you.  You don’t allow them to use their mob tactics to shout you down, verbally and perhaps even physically intimidate you.

Go ahead, Ann, Glenn, even Rush, throw the facts at me.  You are preaching to the choir.  But, of course, I am a ditto head if all I can say is “I read it here.”  All the reference come with footnotes.  All the footnotes lead to the facts.  Our guides are our guides.  But blind guides or blind followers leads to the same conclusion.  The preachers provide the starting point.  It’s up to all of us to verify, validate and know the facts for ourselves.


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