Oh, Yeah, There was an Election

While in the midst of two moves and assorted quandaries of a personal nature, I have been rather oblivious to the fact that my mail box has been especially filled with hate speach, er, election fliers, lately.  So oblivious have I remained that I actually scheduled myself to be out of town all day Tuesday, not giving myself a chance to vote.  (I suppose that I could have probably found a way to vote somewhere that I did not live, since ID is not required.   But that’s not how I roll.)  I did manage to back my schedule up long enough to make a trip to the polls.

Does everyone’s vote really count?  I know that we all ask ourselves this question as we continue to watch America running off the rails.  How can the votes of sensible people like myself really be counted if this is what we get for leadership?   I know that questions must surface in the mind as to whether there ARE any sensible people in this country.  Questions left unanswered lead to despair, apathy, resignation to the inevitable demise of everything, and a failure to care.  Such is my case with politics in general recently.

OK, it is the day after, and the landscape seems to have changed.  Old is out and new is in (yet again). This time the pendulum has swung to the Republican Party and it underground subgroups such as the tea party.  Now comes the time when we, like Hillary Clinton, pause to reflect on just what is the meaning of this politics (or is it the politics of meaning?).  Is this a repudiation of Obamacare or gun control?  Is this a new step back toward “repression” of gays, blacks and other groups of disenfranchised people?  Is it a blow to a higher minimum wage?  What is the reason for this shift?

As I have pointed out before, I am Libertarian.  But, not so much.  Actually, the more I read of every American politics, the harder it is to stand on strictly libertarian principles.  Those were tried under the Articles of Confederation, and, if allowed to run their course, probably would have meant that we all would be speaking English English now, under the Union Jack.  Of course, those of us who live in the Midwest would probably be speaking French and the West speaking Spanish.  (OK, the people in the West mainly speak Spanish now, but not from being Spanish.  Man, this gets confusing.)   Fact is, too much liberty is not workable in a republic.  That is why we were not left to be a democracy.  We tend to feel that way, however, as we continue to remove the shackles of the Constitution and plunge haplessly toward our demise.

So, I find myself voting Republican.  And I find myself echoing Ann Coulter.  Even an establishment Republican is better than Democrat, if only for the fact that they might actually repeal Obamacare.  In other words, they may not have enough guts to really downsize government, reduce spending by one third or more as is required to put our deficit into a decline, or tell the two percent of gays or the 11% of blacks who think they run this country to get a clue.  But at least they could give small businesses and the marginal employees a hope of being able to afford to stay in business and get jobs that they can live on.

I do have a little bit of hope today.  But, then, I do have a lot of hope for the future every day, just not on this planet.  So, maybe judgement day isn’t just around the corner.  But maybe it still is.  An anomaly isn’t a pattern, and only time will tell what we have witnessed here.  Certainly those of us who want to see a smarter, more sensible populace dare not let up on the gas.  No, it’s time to double down.  If we don’t push to keep up the momentum, we will just end up like Dante.  The rock is still a long way from the top of the hill.

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