Ebola is only the Scare Du Jour: E coli is the real Nightmare.

Anyone notice that only one person who came to the US with Ebola has died?  Everyone else, including the critical, survived.

The question might be raised in our minds as to the high death rate from the disease among Africans.  The unspoken answer is that the quality of medical care in the US is vastly superior to Africa.  The other unspoken answer is that people in the US are much healthier overall and much less susceptible to the Ebola virus.  Many people could likely be exposed to Ebola and not contract it.  Many others may only have milder symptoms.

America, in general, is a much medicated country.  From young ages, we have fortified our youth with vaccines, antibiotics, and the like.  We have had an abundance of food.  Yes, our food is mostly junk.  Still, if you can eat enough of it, you will still keep from starving (and grow quite rotund in the process).   And yet we have an epidemic of sick people.  Many are chronically sick and there doesn’t seem to be a clear reason.

Well, my friends, I would like to posit that we are not as plague free as we are led to believe.  In fact, almost all of us have been subject to a plague, though many of us mistook it for the flu or just think we are overworking or under sleeping.  More than likely, though, we are all suffering from food poisoning.  It’s just that we are pumped full enough of prescriptions or vitamins and uppers (gotta have my energy shot every morning) that we are able to function.  We are the zombie apocalypse and we don’t even know it.

Last February, I began to be very ill.  I thought many things.  Having just returned from Florida, I thought maybe I drank the wrong water or ate some bad sea food.  The low grade fever, digestive problems, sleeplessness, body aches went on and on.  The weight started falling off.  I started trying colon cleansers, parasite eradication, probiotics, everything I could think of.  Yes, I got better.  But I’m still not well.  I’m still half zombie.  Now, maybe I still haven’t eradicated the source.  But, more likely, I’m still suffering the long-term symptoms of food poisoning that are often diagnosed as something else, such as chronic fatigue.  Yes, every day I feel a little better, but I’ve had to come back from such a beating that I may never get back to where I was.  I still have the brain fog that is one of the leading signs of intestinal poisoning.  And so I continue to watch my diet, take proactive supplements, cook my meat to past well done and wash my hands and disinfect everything daily.   While I still do not feel well, I haven’t had a cold or flu since then.

Here is the point.  E coli has already mutated to several strains.  USDA testing does not detect some of the variants.  Meat is not handled as well as it needs to be to prevent contamination.  And,  as few as five E coli bacteria are enough to cause illness, making it much more likely to happen than catching Ebola.  In the US, more people die every day from food poisoning than the total number of Americans in Africa who have even contracted Ebola.  And thousands have to suffer through the full-blown symptoms of E coli, which include dysentery, brain liquification and other generally torturous symptoms.  Millions more just think they had the flu.

Soon, Ebola will fade back into our distant memory and we will once again forget all about Africa and go about our lives.  In the meantime, the most deadly killer that has been on our tables for years will continue to receive little publicity.  After all, with the economy already suffering, we can’t afford to disparage our food supply and drive the already skyrocketing costs of food even higher.   But is it really worth paying a few cents a pound less in exchange for the misery that tainted food brings to our lives?   Some would argue that we must continue to use mass production techniques on our food supplies or risk not having enough food to go around.  Those people are the ones getting rich off of your stomach and weighing their profits against your health.  Sure, I like Capitalism.  But I’m not for crapitalism.  No matter how big the players, if they can’t give us a quality product, they need to goes out of business.  We can and must find a better way.  I’m getting tired of being a Zombie.


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