Yes, The WERE WMDs

This is a little article from Best of Cain that fell into my lap today,

Politics: Actually there were lots of chemical weapons found in Iraq, says . . . the New York Times?

Politics has become more of a chess match than foreign relations or foreign policy.  It is not longer important to do what is best for the United States of for the country in question.  What counts now is how the story will play at home.  Here you have, for different political reasons, both the Democrats and the Republicans hiding the truth about the same issue.

On a larger scale, beside whether one can really know the situation on the ground in Iraq or any other place, you have the constant cry of the “fringe” that politicians don’t care about the truth or that they must hide the truth because of a much larger agenda.  We who waste too much of our lives figuring out just who is up to what are here to say that the agenda is total slavery of the human population done at such a slow pace that, by the time the people get it, it’s too late.  Of late, this has been accelerating, as the presidency of one Barack Hussein Obama has brought us quickly to the end game.

Just an example from domestic policy would be the big lie about the Affordable Care Act.   We were sold this as a way to streamline health care, when the truth actually was that it was a way to drop lower middle class earners into the same tax bracket or higher than the one percent.   No one would have been able to get any political traction telling a wage earner of $40,000 that he would now be watching $25000 of his money go to taxes anstead of “$15000.  The entire country would have been outraged.  But this is exactly what has happened, now that health care coverage costs have skyrocketed even while you must now pay out of pocket for anything short of a major car accident or terminal cancer.  (of course, if you are terminal, you will die before the co-pay kicks in.  If you are over 75, you aren’t worth fixing anyway.)

There are a lot of other lies out there.  One of my favorites is that poor people are given freebies for the good of the poor people.  Not really.  Poor people are only tolerated so that a lot of bureaucrats can have cushy jobs and look important.  Otherwise we would have a euthanasia program to get rid of them.  We actually already do, since we can’t have too many poor people.  It’s called Abortion On Demand.

But I rant on.  Do be sure to read the Article and some of the supporting links.  Then you actually might have some idea what’s going on out there in the sand.


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