Change is Gonna Do Me Good

I’m announcing my plans to completely change my blog.   I’ve decided that I need to break out each of my categories into it’s own space.  So, Right Wing Nuts and Bolts will become just a spoke on the wheel.  And instead of just being a topical article here and there and some borrowed stories on this or that current even, it is going to take on a book form, with sections and chapters.  Then, relevant articles will all be found as links to the chapters.

All the other categories are going to be laid out the same way.  And, instead of just saying a few brief things about, for instance, health, and quoting this or that person about something, I’m going to write the definitive book on the subject.  Again, sections with chapters, and lots of links.  Except that, since this book will be an e-book, it will be a constant work in progress.  As new information become available, the book can adapt to incorporate it.

The reason I’m going to this new format is two-fold.  First, there is too much information, cross information and misinformation about almost everything.  And there is usually too much concentration on little parts of a subject that don’t take into consideration the greater whole.  This causes us to become skewed and short-sighted in our assessment of things.

Secondly, I believe that I will have to start charging money for entrance to the new sites.  Of course I won’t do this right away.  I want everyone to have the same access to the information that I have.  And I want everyone to understand just how valuable that information is.  LIfe-changing is the word.  But, most people believe that everything free is cheap and worthless.  Actually, the best things in life are free, yet we like to pay people to tell us what we are too lazy to discover for ourselves.

Here’s the thing.  I already know most of what is on all those “fantastic time-sensitive opportunity” financial and medical sites that you can now join for just a fraction of the $1000 or whatever that the information is worth.  And, believe me, the info IS worth that and more.  And even though I already know most of it, I’m still tempted to subscribe just to make sure I know and I’m not missing anything.  That is the draw.  And the draw only comes with advertising.  And advertising is expensive.  And I can only afford to advertise if I get a return on my investment.

But, as I begin to put the sites together, as I start filling in the chapters and headings, as I start to collect the links and make sure all the truly valuable and relevant ones are in place. I’m going to keep on blogging for all to see.  The more support I get, the faster I will get to where I want to go.

Maybe you don’t realize it, because I haven’t spent the time posting about every little wave of current events, but I am really an expert in a lot of fields.  I’ve dedicated my life to learning.  Not only have I become broadly read on history , geography, politics, religion, language arts, music, business and finance, but I also have learned how to learn.  That, combined with my years of teaching experience, puts me in the right place for disseminating a lot of truth.  It also gives me some unique abilities to wade through a lot of horse manure that floods into our daily lives and get right to the points that matter.

Dr. Ben Carson’s new book, which I read while I had an hour to kill today, has a very good point.  He said that, even though every kind of knowledge is at our fingertips on Google and other search engines, there is no substitute for having a broad base of knowledge.   When we meet people on the street, listen to politicians in speeches, watch the evening news, or pick up a book or magazine, we are inclined, even if quite cynical, to take people at face value.   Part of being well-read, or educated, if you will, is to have crossed enough paths with truth and lies and to have confidently shaped our values and beliefs enough to recognize immediately when the horse manure is starting to get deep.  Without this knowledge, and this ability to cut through rhetoric and see the underlying truths or the lack thereof, we become reactionary.  We do stupid things because we fail to know that they are stupid.  Dr. Carson uses the example of a young man who fancied himself  person with extraordinary athletic prowess.  To prove his point, he decided to swim out to a bridge pillar and back.  Unfortunately, he was ignorant of the strong undercurrents.  This ignorance cost him his life.  He knew he was strong enough to swim there and back.  It was what he DIDN’T know that killed him.

What we don’t know is killing us economically, morally, socially and physically.  I don’t plan to write the book on every truth and lie.  No one has enough book shelves for that.  Nor do I have the time.  I want to write the books that point to the right books that point to the other books.  I want to create the center for the vast web of knowledge that’s already out there.  I’d like it to be free for whoever wants it.  If I can, I will.  If not, at least it will be priced a lot less than the worthless college degrees that almost everyone struts about with and claims to know something.  Yes, some college graduates know a lot.  The rest know how to fill out forms real good.  (Lawyers not only know that, they also know how to speak legal.  They become very important when you need them.  Maybe we’d like a country where you didn’t.  But since that is a pipe dream, here is my first piece of really good advice–get a lawyer!)  But you, Mr. and Mrs. America, should know a lot more than that.  Because, every time you turn to an expert for help or advice, the majority of what you pay them is for is to possess the information that you should already know.  Not only that, but a lot of the information you are paying for will be the wrong information.  You will not only be worse off than before, but also poorer.  (An exception is the building trades, where most of the money you pay covers government pay-offs and insurance costs.  But it’s usually still better than trying it yourself and ending up dead or with a ruined property.)

Yup, I’m poor.  But that’s because I spent all of my time and money getting educated.  Sometimes I read a book.  Sometimes I learned the the old-fashioned, hard knocks expensive way.  You should learn from me and save yourself all the expense and heartache.  I believe that’s why God put me on this green earth.  I’m going to do my best to tell you what I know.  Whether you listen or not is entirely up to you.

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