Black People — Mules, Guinea Pigs and Scapegoats

The Problem of Slavery.  The Inferiority of the Black Brain.  Eugenics.  The Projects.  Civil Rights.   Black P.  The War on Drugs.  The War on Poverty.  Demographics.  Racism.   Culture.

Since the dawn of the United States of America, we have been forced to deal with the “problem” of black people.  Black people, by and large, did not come to this country as free people.  That was outside of the thinking of the founders on the ideals of equality and inalienable rights.  However, one must keep in mind that such ideals were reserved for the landed gentry.  To have land was to have these rights.  As there was little other industry outside of agrarian pursuits, it made sense to confer these rights upon the gentry.  In the background was the question of slavery, whether by indenture or purchase, but it presented but little consideration compared to the larger picture of holding the budding state together until she could get her feet and then deal with these other issues.  So the plan was made to ignore the issue of the rights of slaves and set a date, some twenty years in the future, for dealing with the question.  Kick the can down the road.

Slavery  became more of an issue as the northern states industrialized and the huddled masses now engaged in a different kind of servitude began to outflank the landed gentry and to cry for suffrage.  Now became more acute the inequity of men as property.  Now, also became more unnecessary the very idea of men as property, when immigration brought the influx of cheap labor.  Virtual slavery carried neither the human responsibility nor the moral stigma of outright ownership.  Consequently, by the time of the Civil War, only about one third of even the landed gentry in the slave states actually owned slaves.

Of course, that didn’t and doesn’t stop the story of the Civil War from being about ending slavery.  The black man became the great scapegoat to obscure the real reason behind the war–the greed of the new slave masters, the industrial giants in the northern states whose policies threatened to squeeze the landed gentry out of existence in order to replace them as the new American aristocracy.

From Abe Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation through the Civil Rights Era and right up to today, at issue was how to corral the black population in new ways designed to enslave their minds for the purposes of their new owners.  Black people are still a commodity, just no longer registered on bills of sale.

Richard Daley had many uses for the newly arriving black communities of the Great Migration.  He found a way, the Projects, to keep them and their violence contained in one area of Chicago while simultaneously using them as mules in the lucrative drug trade that he and his cronies controlled.  The great beauty of the system is that, while everyone is getting rich from skimming the profits, they have also managed to erect a lucrative prison industry that uses the same mules as captive employees. 

Thirdly, when the Projects accomplished the goal of creating blight, the federal government could be duped into funding the destruction of the blight and the creation of the new utopian neighborhoods, complete with their prestige and even greater tax base.  The slow migration of those who once filled the projects into other slowly aging neighborhoods creates the scenario to burn Rome one area at a time and rebuild with the dimes of the American tax payers.  This ploy has been so successful that other cities are copying the Daley blueprint, even encouraging the black communities to flock to their cities in an effort to speed the blight-demolish-rebuild utopian scheme.  With that also comes the massive increase of the corrections industries and the resultant growth of jobs and revenue.

Don’t get me wrong.  We Americans love the black people.  We all have something to gain from them.  Just as long as there is a black community, we will find a use for them.  Problem is, the people in the black communities are never going to get past being used.  Unless, of course, they decide to stop letting themselves be used.  Unless, of course, they start thinking of themselves simply as Americans and not black Americans or “African Americans”.  As long as black is anything other than a skin color, the nonsense, and the slavery, isn’t going to end.


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