July 17, 9AM

They’re shooting down planes in Ukraine
civil war’s the name of the game
bullets strafe the countries like rain
it’s all insane, but who’s to blame
I look into the mirror I see
the answer to the problem is me
so quick to make my anger expressed
it’s what I share, but not the care
so thankful that I know there’s a God
who saved me from my destructive road
and I know I should be sharing the Good
another day, but have I prayed?
have I tried to show my neighbor His face
or cocooned me from the world in my place
am I connected to the whole human race
or am I scared, or can’t I dare?
I’m considered as a sheep to be slain
and it’s time to get my skin in the game
have the message of my LORD to proclaim
“I am the way to a better world today.”

Copyright 2014 PRB. Go ahead and share


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