Soccer Balls, Sanctimony and A Billion Dollar Group Called “Baptist Child and Family Services”…

Not only is the following article right on the money, but the comments are even more informative than the article in some respects. What we see is that the infrastructure for the “illegal alien children crisis” was in place well before the “crisis” began, indicating years of careful planning.

As a person who has been involved with helping people in vulnerable population segments, and as I have been working toward starting a charitable foundation, I have had cause to investigate the whole landscape of NPOs in some detail for three years. It is unfortunate that I find myself having to open an NPO. However, those who really wish to help the less fortunate soon discover, as I did, that, when your personal resources are exhausted and you hit a rough patch, many will be quick to praise you for what you tried to do, but no one will be willing to help you in return.

The necessary evil of taking donations cannot be denied. And it is not in taking donations, nor is it even in the drawing of personal salaries, that one finds anything inappropriate. After living in a house for three years without heat, having to live with a kerosine room heater and shower in a frozen bathroom with two gallons of water heated on the kerosine heater, etc., etc., I’ve learned my lesson. I can’t help the starving and homeless when I am practically starving and homeless. Perhaps a million dollar salary is excessive. But, just what kind of number would be acceptable? What I want to send my children to college? What if I need a new car? Should I be consigned to live in poverty because I am helping others? Should my children be underprivileged because my clients are?

OK, the truth is that most people are underprivileged because A) they choose to be and B) the government has priced free enterprise out of business. But that is exactly my point. Just because people want to help other people, it is the very rare person who want to do so to the detriment of himself. If people do their jobs well, they should be paid well for it. Not excessively, but well. That, after all, is called free enterprise.

I realize that the larger issue here is the commercial motivations of Beck et. al., media giants, who cry all the way to the bank. It does bother me that such people put little or none of their own skin in the game. It bothers me that they are inconsistent, at best, in their exposure of fraud and lies. But it doesn’t stop me from wanting to BE them, only with greater consistency and integrity. However, that is a hard road to travel without being derailed. Some can do it, but it’s not going to make you popular. Just ask Michael Savage.

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