HILARIOUS: Highly Rated New Video Features Black Man Reaming Out Liberals and the POTUS Over Insane Bussing of Illegals

I’ll have entitle this video the Grass Is Greener Fallacy. Why are immigrants from South and Central America leaving their wonderful countries to come to ugly USA?


Just posted two hours ago. Zo, full name Alfonso Rachel, mocks the liberal establishment without using curse words or the word “nigga.” He’s high energy, though.

His point here is that if the busses can take the illegals and spread them all over the USSA, then they could damn sure be used to bus the illegals back across the border.

Busses would have helped bring New Orleans folks out during Hurricane Katrina, but they were left hangin’. Now the Department of Homeland Security sure has busses–they’re using them to bus illegal immigrants all over the nation. Zo’s worried that they’re using these busses for bad reasons.

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