Why are Christian so Afraid of Muslims, Gays and Illuminati?

I have read a lot of blog sites and articles that are deeply, deeply into formulating a catalog of all the signs of the coming apocalypse. Some speak of the rising of the twelfth Caliphate of Islam and tell us that there is sure to be a nuclear holy war if we don’t do everything in our power to put a stop to it.  Others are crying that gay rights laws are destroying the very moral fiber of this “once Christian” country, and that if we don’t do everything in our power to put a stop to it, the family and Christianity that goes with it will cease to exist as we know it.  And still others are quite knowledgeable about all the ins and outs of the centuries of the Illuminati slowly eroding all of free societies from within, and if we don’t do something to stop them immediately it will be too late and we’ll be slaves for all time.  And, you know what?  All of them are correct!   And yet none of them are correct.

We are all raised with the false notion that everything is OK.  As we get older, we begin to develop abstract thought, and, soon, the candy canes and gummy bears start disappearing from the trees and mommy and daddy are not gods, capable of doing little wrong and of protecting us from everything.  And yet we stubbornly fight to hold on to the notion that our lives are pretty much OK and that there are not boogeymen behind the trees.  We want to believe that life is pretty much fair and that everything is on the up and up.  But little things continue to not add up.  Those little glitches in the Matrix keep bothering us.

In time, many of us end up swallowing the red pill.  Then, there ya go, the scales fall off and we can see clearly, or at least more clearly, that there’s a lot of lying and deception going on.  A lot of us get pretty freaked out and run around in circles for awhile and wonder how we will ever be able to live anymore now that we know the truth.  I know.  I was there once.  But then it hit me, and I said, “Well, duh!”

The Revelation is there for a reason.  Yes, it does tell us a lot about the total chaos that we are to expect.  But it’s not talking about some great coming cataclysm.  The end times has already been here for two thousand years.  Jesus himself told his disciples that there would be many, many different apocalyptic moments from then until the end to time.  But he didn’t want them to see the chaos and panic.  Instead, he wanted them to understand that this is just what the world has always been and would continue to be until he returns.

There really is no need, then, for panic and dread at every new revelation of the forces of evil in this world.  After all, it’s just business as usual.  Immorality is not worse today than is was in the First Century.  Rulers and tyrants are not more ruthless or greedy today than at any other time in history.  And the Christian’s job today is neither easier nor harder nor different from what it was two thousand years ago.

“Go into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every person.”

Seems that all of a sudden we are all afraid of being killed or, worse yet, not liked for being Christian.

“Well, duh!  We are considered as sheep to be slaughtered!”

Let’s start with Jesus himself.  The righteous son of God. All powerful, all-knowing.  Wanted to gather all people to himself and save them.  What was the result of his efforts. “They plotted for a way to kill him.”  They actually did kill him, but that was because he needed to die to complete his work to save us, so he allowed it.

What about the great leaders of the early church, Peter, Paul, Stephen, Jesus’ brother James?  Crucified, beheaded, stoned to death, thrown off a tower to his death.   So, what if we actually would have to lose our life because we are Christian?  Wouldn’t we be in good company?  Or do you somehow think that you are so important that such an end is beneath you?  “They rejoiced at being considered worthy to suffer for the Name.”

Hey, I get it.  The world is a scary place.  And it seems like every day there’s a war against Christians, and against “this great land that was founded on the Bible”.  Except that this great land wasn’t founded on the Bible.  It was founded on the ideas of the philosophers Hobbes and Locke and it was founded in protest to perceived civil persecutions, not religious.  After all, if we are going to start claiming divine backing for all such wars of revolution, then what do we do with the American Civil War?   Were there no Christians in the South?  Was the North victorious simply because God was on that side?   Pretty hard for anyone who really studies the Illuminati to say such a thing, isn’t it?  (God uses all things, even bad things, for his purposes.  I, personally think that the Civil War was unnecessary, that the South had the right to secede, and that we’d all be a lot better off if they had.  But God allows evil things to happen sometimes.)

Now that I think about it, seems like the majority of Christian worry-warts live in the South.  Well, considering how the South was raped by the North, I can understand their trepidation.   But, make no mistake about it, people in the North suffer, too.  We all suffer, because we all are under a government.  And all governments are necessary evils, filled with greedy people and tyrants who are always trying to control the government to serve there own ends.

Let’s be real for a minute.  We all live to serve our own ends.  Sure, if we are Christian, we are out to share the Gospel.  So, how many good bible-thumping Christians have talked to their neighbors about Heaven and how to get there?  I’m sure most Christians have complained about the government to anyone who will listen.  Me included.  I’m sure a lot of Christians have made sure to tell their neighbors in very pointed words (or at least have spitefully reveled in the thought) that there is a place beside Heaven and they are sure to get there.   But I am not sure many of them get past the law to the sweet words of the Gospel.  In the end, we are all not very good at being Christian most of the time.  We all, by nature, are part of the problem.  Only by daily repentance and reliance on God’s strength do we ever have a chance to be part of the solution.

So, you want to be a good Christian.  “Perfect love drives out fear.”  DON’T BE AFRAID!   Jesus said that to his disciples just before he stilled the waves that were about to swamp the boat.  God said it to Joshua just before he led the Israelites into battle for the promised land.  He said it to St. Paul just before Paul took his trip to Rome to preach there–the trip that would cost him his life.  But perfect love is hard to come by in perfectly selfish people like us.  It takes a lot of focus on God, a lot of trusting him beyond our understanding.  Stop fearing your enemies and start loving them!


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