Two Year Anniversary

It’s not really two years since I start blogging, but two years since I started this one.  Hopes and dreams of turning the blog into a career have long since vanished.  Hopes and dreams of being a leading edge of right wingers has also vanished along with the very notion that there is anywhere on the political compass that is an edge.  It’s sort of like  North and South. If you travel far enough north you will eventually be heading south again.  The history of politics has often found the far Left and the far Right joining hands in a common cause.

It’s also true that people with certain agendas tend to only want to be reinforced in their agendas and are not interested in expanding their perspective.  To such people who see everything in black and white, there is no interest in all the shades of gray.  For such people, Republican may be synonymous with Conservative or Christian or Constitutional, while Democrat may be another word for Liberal, Fascist or Communist or Anti-rights or Environmentalist Wacko.   One may see the other as phobic, protectionist, socialist, bigoted.   And it’s almost always clear that one or the other is trying to ruin the country.

As we look at our country today, it certainly is clear that it’s not the same country that the founding fathers gave us.  But, the answer is not so cut and dried as to who changed America and when it was changed.  After all, the Articles of Confederation under which the country was Founded were shortly replaced by the Constitution, which in itself changed the course of the young country.  Then, of course, there have been major upheavals to the constitutional process as far back as Tammany Hall, Andrew Jackson and, or course, the Civil War.  Certainly America has been through many, many times of uncertainty as to whether she would survive  There is a lot of blame to go around, and no one is free from error.

So, what are Right Wing Nuts and Bolts?  Hard to say, since we can’t even agree on what is truly Right Wing.  Do libertarians stand on the far Left or the far Right?  Is conservatism aimed at conserving the equal opportunities for all citizens or is it merely the attempt to conserve the status quo, where the rich become filthy rich and the poor become slaves?  Are progressives really progressing toward a more egalitarian society in their attempts to destroy the Constitution, or are they progressively moving away from the idea of personal responsibility for one’s own success,  free toys for everyone today and bankruptcy for America tomorrow?

Certainly I have opinions about what is right and wrong for America.  Certainly I have voiced them.  But the human drama that must unfold in any country is not so easy to pigeonhole.  Some things that are really important become obscured by other things that are merely symptoms or that mask the true problem.  To use a medical example, turns out that red meat doesn’t raise the chance of heart attack, but that most red meat eaters have many other lifestyle choices that are unhealthy, and red meat is guilty by association.  In the same way, there are many people on both sides of the political spectrum with really good ideas who are vilified simply because of where they are placed on that spectrum.

My good friend tells me that I am really a liberal.  Well, judging from the fact that I tend to give my money (what little I have) away to poor  people, I suppose I am.   But I don’t see what I do as liberal thinking so much as Christian charity.  There are probably many people who would consider themselves liberal who profess to be so on the basis of the same Christian charity.  However, the Bible also tells me not to cast my pearls before swine.  There are probably equally as many people on the right who cite that as the reason that Welfare is bad.   I happen to want to breathe clean air and to drink clean water and eat my food from land that isn’t spoiled by petroleum-based chemicals.   And I’m sure I worship next to farmers who see nothing wrong with how farming is done, because it produces good yields and keeps them in business, who would think that my way of thinking would destroy their economy.  I suppose that a lot of people on both sides have their hearts in the right place.  But it becomes clear that the implementation of our desires is a problem.

I, of course, am self-described as a Right Wing Christian Conservative Libertarian.   There are a lot of Conservatives out there who would tell me I’m too radical for them.  There are probably a lot of Libertarians out there who think I’m too Christian for their tastes.  And there are a lot of liberals who think I’m one of them, until I stand against abortion and gay marriage, among other things.  Yet, as a libertarian, I am willing to put up with gay marriage.  But, better yet, I see that the answer to the whole marriage question is to do away entirely with any kind of civil acknowledgement of marriage at all.  No marriage licenses.  No change in tax status.  Of course, I am also for abolishing income tax, which would make marriage status irrelevant to the state and obviate the need for another gay right.  I’m not anyone’s conscience.  I believe what the Bible says.  But it is, or at least should be a free country.  I don’t have time to be someone else’s conscience.  Just don’t rub you freedom in my face.

So we ramp up for year three.  I hope a learn a few things this year.  I hope I even get a book or two written.  Heck, at this point, I just hope that America is a place in which I can live in another year.  I hope to be of some good in the general debate of things.  I hope to shed some original light on things, or at least to reflect the brighter light of truth as others reveal it.


For a sobering view of the secular state, see



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