I reblogged a really good run-down of fake things that are being jammed down our throats.  What I really liked was the rap video, but you need to click on the link to see the video.  It’s worth it.  And that is why I pay my tribute here and say:


I gotta reblog this post for the video
you know it’s not saying anything I didn’t know
I’ve always warned, like the Apostle Paul
another Gospel is no Gospel at all
I’m not a big fan of hip-hop and rappin
because the gansta lyrics mostly are crap,
but I get down with the message that is spoken in here.
If you love Jesus, there is nothing to fear
in this world, because we’re headed to a world of our own,
this world is just a brief stop while we’re on our way home,
to live eternity smack in the middle of the world where we wanna be
a place without playahs, pimps, pushers and thieves,
no death or violence, no hunger and nobody grieves.
I know it’s commin, an end to this world where strife and stupidity are so common,
so just stay strong, don’t be lured by the fake riches that won’t last long, they’ll soon be gone, store up your treasures in Heaven for all time, and joy sublime, I hope we will meet there in God’s family for all time.


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