Is it Okay for Lesbians to be Heterophobic?

Birds of a feather flock together. I remember how much I was hated and vilified when I worked as the only male teacher in a preschool/after school daycare. Suspicions abounded that I was the cause of anything that went wrong, and absolutely incompetent. That I carried a 4.0 in my required ECE courses and was the only one who could calm the new non-English speaking children were meaningless, or that I saved one teacher from severe injury from a student with anger issues. I, after all, must have caused his anger issues. The problem with diversity is that we people don’t really want to be diverse. They want to be surrounded by people like themselves. That is comfortable. They don’t want to be surrounded by people who are diverse. That is uncomfortable. Therefore, knowingly or otherwise, they favor people with the same preferences. Diversity, then becomes a turf war and not an exercise in tolerance.


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