As I was riding along the lake shore, I looked out over the water and admired the azure blue.  It occurred to me that the water isn’t really blue.  It reflects the sky.  Reflections define our lives more that we probably even realize.  We can tell that the plates are clean or the car is polished when we see the reflection.  All things have color because that is the one light frequency that is allow to reflect.  Even when we look into someone’s eyes, we see a reflection of what they see.

God made the greater light, the sun, to give light to the day, and the lesser light, the moon, to give light to the night.  In reality, we all know that the moon gives off no light of its own.  It only reflects the light of the sun.  Some days, when the moon is full and in the optimum position, it reflects so much sunlight that it almost seems like the sun is still visible.  Other days, the moon reflects hardly at all, since the earth blocks the sun’s rays or the position is such that we can’t see the sunny side of the moon.

We are all reflections of the spirit that lives in us.  Sometimes we show very little of that reflection and sometimes very much.  Some people reflect the spirit of the prince of this world, the father of lies, Satan, the devil, prince of darkness.  Of course, often times, people who reflect this spirit don’t look so bad, because they have learned well from their father how to live deceptively.   They go around talking about how some departed soul was a “good person” because he gave a lot of money to charity, or he lead some celebrity group to raise money.  They say little about perversions hidden behind closed doors, and people stepped on in the quest for money, fame and power, or lives ruined by selfish actions.  We are supposed to ignore this side of them.

There are others who have a different kind of Spirit in them.  This one was sent by Jesus when he left this earth.  This is when Jesus told his disciples to reflect him to the world.  Jesus, the Son, becomes the sun, and he asks us to be moons.  He recognizes that some days we are going to reflect him very poorly, because the world, still controlled by the father of lies, likes to get between us and Jesus so that we can’t reflect him.  But he gives us the Spirit of himself, so that, when we do see our way clear to Jesus, we can reflect him gloriously to the world.

Jesus said,  “Let your light shine so that people may see your good works and glorify God in heaven.”  We can’t take credit for whatever good we do in this world.  We have no inherent goodness in us, no light.  All of our light comes from heaven.  We only reflect it.  It is not natural, therefore, for a Christian to shine.  It takes infusing oneself with the Spirit of God.  This takes work and dedication.  It takes a commitment to filling ourselves with the kind of material that can reflect light, even as the moon is uniquely made to reflect.

St. John tells us that, “In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God, and the word was God…all things were made through him.”  John calls Jesus the Word because Jesus came to earth as a human to make God plain to us from a truly human perspective.  As St. Peter writes in the book to the Hebrews, “God spoke to us in various times through various people, but in these last times he spoke to us through his son, who is the exact representation of his being!.”  All of the Bible points to Jesus.  And so all of the Bible becomes the Word, the revelation of God’s love through his son.  The more we meditate upon Jesus, the Word, and what he did to bring humankind back to God, the more we are able to reflect God’s great love for the world.  “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)”

Christians are not perfect.  They are just as wicked, by nature, as any other human being.  But Christ gave us the gift of his Spirit, by which we have the power to call God our father, and by which we have the power, in proportion to that Spirit living in us, to reflect the glory of God.  We all fall short of God’s glory, but he fills the gap with Jesus.  Trust that Christians will not always reflect well.  Understand also that many who call themselves Christian have deceived themselves and the truth is not in them.  Looking at the moon doesn’t give the whole picture of the brilliance of the sun.  Only looking at the sun can do that.  The moon is covered with craters from devastating impacts.  But, even with it’s battered surface, we can still see the sun reflecting.  Turn to Jesus, the sun, the Son. See his brilliance, and reflect his light in a dark world.  When it seems darkest, the sun is not gone.  It is only hidden from view for a short time before it returns.  While Jesus is waiting to return, we moons have a job to do.


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