Fear of being labeled racist depends on what you have to lose.

In my lifetime, I have been called whitey, cracker, the Man, honky, and probably a lot of other much less mild names in honor of my caucasianness.  I am sure that there are many out their who fervently believe that something I said was a racial slur.  I have even used the N word in certain conversations behind closed doors to make a point.   So, I guess I am racist. Don’t be fooled by the fact that I am the only caucasian living in my house full of people.

I don’t have much to lose if people think I’m racist.  As the owner of a barely-afloat real estate “empire”,  my assets don’t exceed my liabilities.  Sure you can sue me to take my houses if you want.  But the banks will take it all to satisfy the mortgages.  The only car I own needs a new head gasket.  I do have a nice bike that you could probably pawn for $100.  And there is this 15-year-old computer that is probably in high demand.

So, you say, who would bother taking away what I own for something I said behind closed doors, or because I was rude to some criminal who happened to be black.   Does anyone see where this is going yet…..

But, what if I owned a professional basketball franchise.  What if I were worth over a billion dollars?  Wouldn’t that change everything?  Well, no.  Let’s consider a few reasons why not.

1. Free speech.  When people call me a cracker, or racist, or when people call my black son an Uncle Tom or a sellout, they are entitled to their opinions, no matter how wrong or incendiary they may be.  If this is a free country, then I am free to respond in kind if I so desire or to state an alternative view.  Even more importantly, I am free to let my actions speak louder than words.  It is unfortunate that many will run with the first thing they hear and give no thought to investigating the facts or a wider view.  It is unfortunate that so many people have so little self worth to cultivate that they are left with nothing to do but to destroy the reputation of others.   So, though I am free to defend myself, the culture of ignorance in which we live may make it impossible.  But this is not the fault of Free Speech, it is only the result of only being able to selectively apply it.  In other words, it’s OK for me to say it but not you.

2. Business Contract Law.  The Clippers owner holds a contract with every one of his players, coaches and general staff.  In these contracts, it is stipulated what services shall be rendered for what compensation.  As long as everyone in the organization has been fairly compensated, and no one has been subject to physical harassment, what charge can be leveled against this boss?

3. Illegal invasion of privacy.  It is illegal, at least in my state, to make an audio recording of anyone without their knowledge and consent, unless you have a Federal wire-tapping order.  Yes, you can video to your heart’s content, but not audio.  There was an actual crime committed here which everyone is overlooking in the rush to create a fake one.

4. What was actually said?  Can the truth of the facts actually be disputed?  Is it not true that many, perhaps most, people, especially the sycophants that hang around professional sports figures, are, at best, a waste of time to have an association with if not just downright bad news?   If I saw someone I cared about hanging out with people of dubious character, I would be quick to utter the same warning.  (The fact that I have done exactly that is why I have been hated and derided by many that I sought to help.)

5.  What does it have to do with you, Mr. Commisioner-trying-to-act-tough-and-make-a-name-for-yourself, or you Mr. Whitey-want-to-look-like-I’m-down-with-the-brothers sports talking head?  Who died and made you the thought police?  And what if the man really is racist?  You going to tell me that you are NOT?   You going to tell me that Mr. Rev. Jesse-throw-my-race-under-the-bus-for-money Jackson isn’t racist.  You going to tell me that “the only way to get even with the Man is to make him fear us” isn’t racist?  You going to tell me that every whitey honky boss is racist?  Well, then, why ain’t you quitting your job?  Why ain’t you refusing to shop in Walmart, or any other store owned by the Man?

This country has massive problems.  The very biggest one is that we have made it about all about how we feel instead of about what is the truth.  The truth is that people are flawed, not nice, selfish, prone to say stupid things, prone to hurt the feelings of others.  The truth is that the Man is now Barack Obama and Eric Holder and company, not Whitey.  The truth is that the Man isn’t a COLOR.  The Man is a scarecrow set up to scare the ignorant away from the truth that they are being robbed blind and that those who could and would employ them are being forced out of business, just like the owner of the Clippers.  The truth is that racism doesn’t hold people down.  Ignorance does that.  Of course, ignorance is also the root of racism.  Which brings us to Common Core, or, the federal plan to ensure that schools across the country will continue to graduate ignorant masses for the Man to control.

The Clippers owner is not the Man.  He is you and me.  See what they are doing to him?  You’re next!


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