Chemotherapy Proven to Cause Long, Agonizing, Suffering Death

Actually, this study still misses the point. In one small phrase, the crux of the matter was stated: “The #1 side effect of Chemo is more cancer.” Chemo uses radioactive chemicals, which, in turn, cause cell mutations. Often, after chemo and “remission,” cancer seems to come back. More likely, the original cancer went away, but the chemo treatments caused new cancer.
Probiotics are a really, really good thing! But what is more likely than that probiotics helped the mice survive chemo and that the chemo killed the cancer is that the probiotics killed the cancer AND enabled them to survive the chemo.
It’s unfortunate that no one kills the dead elephant in the room. Chemo patients have a statistically insignificant survival rate of five years vs. those with cancer who had no treatments. Radiation may no be much different in its effects.

Sheeple: People unable to think for themselves

New evidence confirms  that chemotherapy is one of the worst forms of cancer treatment there is, primarily because of the horrific chemicals involved, but also because it is simply an agonizing way to kill.

According to a newly published study in the British Medical Journal, more than half of end-stage cancer patients are given chemotherapy during the final few months of their life, and those who received such treatment were much more likely to die uncomfortably: in a hospital intensive care unit hooked to a ventilator, rather than at home as they wanted.

In addition, the study found, patients were not as likely to have discussed their end-of-life wishes with their oncologist, compared to other final-stage cancer patients who chose to discontinue their chemotherapy treatments.

The researchers went on to report that physicians tend to have a difficult time beginning conversations with their patients over such care, especially those…

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