If you want something done right…

I have discovered, much to my dismay, that I am an odd egg.  An odd brown egg, no less.  I am no longer married to the idea of running to the local super market and just getting whatever they have that is somewhat close to what I want.  In fact, I often can’t even find what I want in local (more expensive) specialty stores.  Even on the internet, where one can find almost anything, I’ve been struggling to find what I need.  I blame it on the search engines, which, of course, are coopted by advertising, just like everything else.

Remember when cable TV had no ads?  Yes I’m that old!  I have a TV in my room.  It was supposed to be gone, but that fell through.  Now that my computer is down, I am drawn to the idiot box in the corner.  But the commercials have taken over!  And they are the closest thing to real entertainment on it.  How I miss my computer and its big monitor, and YouTube–DIY TV.  Hey, if you want something done right…

I like Asian TV.  Waiting for my OTG adapters to show up so that I can plug my megadrive into the tablet and watch some good, commercial-free Asian shows.  If you don’t know what OTG is, don’t feel bad.  Not a single computer store geek knows what they are either, as they are “not sold in stores.”  Thank God for the internet, although I’m sure God is pretty disgusted with the net overall.

Can I find any kind of porn I want on the net?  In an instant!  Any kind of gambling,  any kind of hawked wares,  ANY kind of convenience dangles itself at the forefront of any search engine.  But, can I find bulk, organic-based lemon cleaner?  Sure, if I live in Australia.  Live in America, you can buy it by the pint, in the convenient spray bottle that will cease to function when the product is half-used, for half of your weekly salary.  Well, I KNOW the stuff is available, because I used to buy it by the gallon right down the street.  Of course,  that was twenty years ago, and in California.  Seems the people of the fruit-deprived and pine-dense Midwest only know of pine-based cleaning products.  Maybe a little orange glow for the oven top (in the little bottle for half a week’s salary).

My search of the internet was very enlightening.  I now know where to get citrus degreaser to clean my car engine and to remove paint.  But, when it comes to household chores, no such luck.  But I did find a place where I can purchase five gallons of the active ingredient (for a WHOLE week’s salary).  Can’t be used for anything until combined with a bunch of other ingredients, about none of which I am yet an expert.  However, there is the internet, and I am stubborn.  The info is out there somewhere, and I WILL find it, oh yes, I will!   Bwaaahahahaha!  If you want something done right…


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