A Walk In The Sun

Needed to clear my head this morning, so I walked to the bank.  Ah, sunshine, motion, serotonin, blood flow!  As I am walking, I come to the street crossing and wait for the light to change.  On, green, I look up and see that the “Don’t Walk!” is still on.  Looking around, I see that I forgot to push the button that indicates I wanted to cross the street.

Ah, this nation of sheeple we’ve become!   Can’t even cross the street unless a little button gives us permission.  We are told that this is for our safety.  I suppose, for some older people who have trouble getting across, this might be necessary, although the light wouldn’t really give them enough time anyway.  In that case, the people driving the cars would have to actually observe the situation and let the old person finish crossing before continuing.   That would be hard to do, though, given that sheeple have given up their rights to thinking to the state.

As I walk on, I contemplate the remnant.  There are still some people that get it.  No, it’s not the power elite who believe they are to rule the earth and have dominion over people for the people’s own good.  It’s not these perceived gods among men, who, thinking themselves to be wise, are the biggest fools of all.  No, it’s the small number who, though we bow to social conventions like traffic signals, know how to live without them.  I watch university students look both ways and then cross on red.  I admire their willingness to be responsible for their own safety.  I unfortunately know, though, that, once ensconced within the walls of higher learning, most of them will be led like the sheeple they are..  For most of them, it’s not their fault.  After all, the blind leaders have been slowly leading them down this path since Head Start.

The sun reminds me that spring is coming.  A new season will be upon us soon.  Life will re-awaken.  There is always hope of renewal.  The remnant always survives and always thrives.  But in the end, it is always the remnant.  Therein lies the seed to new birth and new life, always waiting for the sheeple to wake up and be led anew.  It happens periodically throughout history.  Last time was around the 1500’s, time before that was around 1000.  Seems like the time might be here again in the 2000s.  And so we wait.

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