Reagan Admin warned Russian pipeline through Ukraine would weaken West

As I have said before , Putin is all about having power and using it. However, not everyone who wields power is a tyrant. Protecting Russian interests is no less justifiable than protecting American interest. A stable Ukraine is actually in everyone’s best interest. Since that is not the plan of the Obama adminstration, who’s interests are they trying to protect?

Reclaim Our Republic

March 5, 2014 By Jeffrey Scott Shapiro


In a memo to the White House in July 1981, advisers in the Ronald Reagan administration urged opposition to a new pipeline from Russia’s oil- and gas-rich regions to Europe, warning that it would weaken the West’s bargaining hand.

“Our strategy is aimed at limiting Soviet economic leverage over the West,” Pentagon aides told the White House in the memo.

The Trans-Siberian Pipeline, which crosses modern-day Ukraine, was built nonetheless, and it helped transform Russia into an energy superpower that nurtures the European Union’s dependence on its fossil fuels.

Nearly 33 years later, the warning from Reagan’s defense advisers stands prescient, as President Vladimir Putin, the KGB-bred successor to the Soviet empire, has muted the West’s response to his military incursion in Ukraine by relying on Europe’s addiction to Russian resources.

“President Reagan clearly understood at the time that Russia was not…

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