The Truth About Abraham Lincoln

Some time ago, I wrote a cursory article about executive order. These orders began with Lincoln. Lincoln had to suspend habeus corpus because he could not let anyone tell the truth that he was illegally executing the war without congress. He claimed that he had not choice because most of the congress would not convene. However, if he had recognized the South’s CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to secede, then he would have had no choice but to recognize that those assembled in congress from the Northern states constituted a quorum and could block his declarations of war. As always, the civil war, AS ALL WARS, WAS ABOUT REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH. That he had to destroy half the wealth of the nation and decimate the southern states meant little as long as he could reward his northern industrial political power base. 150 years later, the South still feels the sting of having to heel to the North.
Lincoln quoted from the Bible a lot. One would like to think that, at least in his own tortured mind, he felt he was doing the will of God. But there have been many who come in God name who, inwardly, are ravening wolves. It should duly noted that Lincoln, by virtue of being a Lawyer, was the stooge of the banking class and had no political choice but to create central banking for his masters.  Please, PLEASE, click on the link below to view the original video and be prepared to rethink everything you learned in school about Abraham Lincoln.  Click the lower link to go to the Youtube home of Free Domain Radio, the origin of the video.  You will find many other extremely enlightening videos there.  As always, FOLLOW THE MONEY.

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