A Business Related Come To Jesus Moment For The LGTB Crowd

I hate to labor on this issue, but, since I stepped in it, it’s taking me many efforts to extract myself. I was told, quite rudely, that, if I had a PUBLIC company, I had no right to discriminate. But, the fact is that I have a PRIVATE company. I can establish any mission and supporting business goals that I want short of causing physical harm. If I hurt your feelings, I’m only sorry if I was rude about it. Otherwise, it’s your problem, not mine. The guys who refused service committed the unltimate mistake in modern neurotic America. They gave a reason. They didn’t have to give a reason, but they felt convicted by their beliefs to do so, no out of rudeness, but out of politeness and genuine concern. But, it’s obvious that we in this country no longer want anyone to care about us. Just leave us alone to do whatever the **** we want! Fine! Then RETURN THE FAVOR, PLEASE! And we can all go about our business being a cold, loveless, heartless, ruthless country.
One more thing. It seems an awful lot of people have nothing better to do than complain, loudly, public, and with much planning and cost, about things? Where do they get all this time and money? I, for one, am having to work longer and harder just to keep up with Value Added Taxes, such as Obamacare. I would think that, as for me, life is too short to try to go around and get back at everyone who I think ever wronged me (especially when, most times, I’m wrong and my pride doesn’t want to let me admit it). As the author said, just make your own networks. Before “Civil Rights”, it’s what the smart and successful black people did. (Except for Jesse Jackson and the other profiteers, who used violence to steal power and assure that blacks would stay ignorant and enslaved.)


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