Declaring Everyone Mentally Unfit the New Gun Control

Warning to anyone who wants to maintain any kind of control over his or her life.  Never, ever, mention to anyone, on any form, in any context, that you have ever felt sad, depressed, anxious, outraged, had nightmares, insomnia, anger or any other emotion or condition that could in any possible way be twisted to conclude that you are mentally ill.  Never allow your children to be put on any kind of drug.  Never let the school run any kind of tests or have any kind of interviews with your child or yourself.  If you hear even a hint of such activities in your child’s school, home school or send them to another school.  (That will usually mean don’t allow your children anywhere near a public school, which is nothing more than a propaganda center and a center for collecting private data to be used against citizens.)  Don’t allow the doctor to prescribe you any kind of medication that has ever had any side affects of mood alteration or any kind of mental impairment.  In fact, avoid doctors if at all possible, and most certainly offer no personal information that is not directly related to a curable physical condition. (If it is not considered 100% curable, it may be cause to find you incompetent to handle your own finances.)

Anyone think this is a joke?  Read the links and make up your own mind.  Obama wants guns out of the hands of citizens.  He will stop at nothing to achieve it.  You have been warned.

Veterans being stripped of right to own guns because of things as banal as being sad at the death of a fellow soldier.

Thousands of veterans being forced to hand over control of finances to a VA fiduciary because they stated that they let their wives balance the checkbook.

The number one cause of suicidal thoughts is prescription drugs.  Once you admit to suicidal thoughts, you will lose your right to bear arms.

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