Not the first time the subject of EMPs has come up. And the danger is quite real, based upon events in the past, such as testing hydrogen bombs in the stratosphere (or was it ionosphere) that accidentally wiped out communications for five years. Certainly it would be a good idea to build EMP shielding around our power plants and sub stations. But that would not entirely alleviate their vulnerability. It’s probably a good idea for every individual to safeguard his or her sensitive media at the local level. Also, it would be a good idea for each person to have a plan in place to carry on without “necessities” when they cease to exist. I, personally, would like to collect my own rain water in a cistern. 1000 gallons doesn’t really take up much room, and it can be stored underground. It’s easy to purify. Laying in food is a little more difficult. But dry beans keep very well, can be prepared in about a day, and one can last on them for months.  The pioneers did!   So, if we take the authors two bits and my two bits, we’re half way to real!


If you’re really old you may have heard the expression, “That’ll cost you two bits.”  Even those who didn’t know the history behind that understood that it meant twenty-five cents – a quarter of a dollar.  This was based on the Spanish real which was the equivalent of our present dollar and was the primary unit of monetary exchange for several centuries in the New World.  The coin was frequently cut into eight pieces, thus two bits was one quarter of a real.

For a moment, let’s consider the underlying reason for insurance of any kind.  Simply put it is intended to protect the purchaser against a specific kind of loss whether that is to a person’s car, home, health or loss of life.  Essentially, in exchange for payment of an agreed on premium paid to a second party, that insurer is assuming the risk to which otherwise the policyholder…

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