Who’s Going to Pay?

Some day, someone is going to discover that some part of the government, probably the military, knew the cause, or at least the contributing factor of ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease.  It might even turn out that a cure for it was suppressed, even as natural cancer cures are banned, all in the name of money.  Meanwhile, countless lives are being ruined and lost.  People victimized while other people become rich and powerful at their expense.  Are these predators ever going to pay?

“Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.”

We are all going to die.  None of us knows when.  God does.  God also tells us to protect life, and he tells us to take care of our bodies, because he wants them to be the temple of his Spirit.  It is against his fifth commandment (You shall not murder) to do anything that hurts our own bodies or the bodies of others.  The question we have to ask ourselves, then, is, “Am I guilty of breaking the fifth commandment?”  And we all must answer, “Yes.”

We’ve all heard that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”   But we all know that words do hurt.  And what we also know is that our minds affect the health of our bodies.  So, we don’t have to thrown punches or shoot guns to commit murder.  Tearing down a person’s psyche can lead to poor health and even shorten a person’s life.

OK, what can we say about news media?  Are they helping murder people?  Sure.  Even the most righteous watchdog is guilty.  This was brought home to me today on the way home from my sister’s funeral.  The sun shone brightly, and I looked forward to returning to my work, now secure in the fact that my sister was in heaven and that prospects for my own future were in God’s hands and, therefore, bright.  A little talk radio was all it took to have me despairing that I would even get through this year before my world would most likely be destroyed.   Doom, doom, doom!  You know what?  The world is a pretty good place, all things considered.  I don’t see mass starvation around me.  Oh, sure, there have been times.  Social experiments gone terribly haywire.  There have also been plagues, and floods, and quakes, and whatever.  And people die.  But, as I said before, death doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

So, we have greedy people making money regardless of life or health.  We have other greedy people only interested in making fame and money by whining about the above people.  And then we have we, the people, who allow ourselves to be made miserable, allow our spirits to make our bodies sick.  In other words, everyone, including ourselves, is responsible for killing us.  So, who’s going to pay?

Jesus paid.   Jesus made a way to overcome death.  Jesus made death just a door to a better life.  And Jesus promises that, no matter who tries to shorten our lives, they will be just as long as he wants them to be.  His apostle Paul explains the present result of what Jesus has done for us.  “For me to live is Jesus and to die is gain.”  As he explains, it’s actually much better to depart and be with Jesus.  But, because there is work to be done, and for the sake of those on this earth who still need our help,  it is better for those of us who are still living to remain.  But the day finally comes when our work is done and we go home.

What if my sister never had ALS?  Would she have lived longer?  Pointless question.  God has a time in mind for all of us to come home.   Who did what harm to us and should pay is never the right question, for we all are guilty of murder.   Who DID pay is what counts.  Jesus paid the price, so that we can punch our ticket to heaven and life to come.

Next blog I shall be back to talking about all the evil people in this world and what they are trying to do to us and why.   Just keep in mind that I don’t do this so that you despair and find no joy in life.  Rather, I do this in order that you may see that this world is no Utopia and never will be.  And, while you may choose to try to make it a better place, more importantly, be looking for one that already is.


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