The Brazen Milwaukee Public Schools Protection Racket

As a former member of St. Marcus, i have mixed feelings about the school being in the charter school program, only for the fact that they are forced into the dirty politics that is Milwaukee. I personally witnessed the positive impact the school has had on the community over the many decades since I first attended there as a small boy. My mixed feelings also have to do with the goal of St. Marcus, which should be to win lost souls for Christ first and to equip students with a solid education second, with the ability of charter schools to take in lots of money running a very distant third. I hope they always remember their priorities. That being said, St. Marcus has a 90+% literacy rate, compared to MPS overall rate of 16% and minority rate of 6%. As a tax payer and a citizen concerned about the public welfare, it’s a no-brainer to me that MPS has failed so miserably as to warrant complete closure ASAP, with school choice schools, home schools and the like replacing them completely.

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